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Been waiting 17 Years for DSL or Fiber.


Been waiting 17 Years for DSL or Fiber.

To all the Engineers,


I have been waiting since I moved from Southern California 17 years ago to get real internet service here at my home. I live in the country and that has been the problem for years. The higher up's don't want to spend the funds to get service here. 


I spoke to a AT@T tech today and he told be that Uverse could be installed here, but the way the service is routed stops me from getting it. If I go 1/4 mile north I would get service.


Can anyone please look into getting us service. I have waited patiently. I'm sure once it's here, people will sign up. Plus there building business's including a 98,000 distribution center right down the street. The AT@T tech said all you need to do is install a new hub. I'm sure it's not a cheap hub, but you will make your money back.


Someone please look into this.


Thank you,

Eric {Personal content removed for your safety}

[Address removed for privacy]


[Phone number removed for privacy]

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Re: Been waiting 17 Years for DSL or Fiber.

Hello ejkoenig,

I will be glad to research your address and help you confirm the availability of U-verse in your area. I have sent you a private message to gather more details about your address and submit this to our engineering teams.


If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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Re: Been waiting 17 Years for DSL or Fiber.

Dont give up and dont take no for an answer. Sadath will help you get service. I hhae been going back and forth with Sadath for over a month now trying to get my home service. He is working hard for his customers. And the moment service is installed I will be the first to make sure Sadath is appreciated.
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Re: Been waiting 17 Years for DSL or Fiber.

I feel your pain we were told in 2001 dsl was coming to our area in Alabama but here it is 2013 and nothing nada zip.

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