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Bandwidth usage?


Bandwidth usage?

Hello everyone.  We just signed up with all 3 uverse services a few weeks ago, and are really enjoying it so far.  My concern however is the bandwidth limits.  At first, I was not sure we were going to go with uverse internet because of the limitis, but then we spoke to a customer rep and he told me we can sign up, and have 30 days to cancel if we are not happy.  He also told me I should be able to get a general idea of what bandwidth I use by using the online bandwidth tool after about 20 days, then just at 1/3 more to see my average usuage.  When I go to use the tool, its telling my my usage info is not available and I should not worry about caps for billing purposes, etc.


Did the customer service person just tell me that so I would sign up, becuase it seems to me that I have no way to check my usage and my 30 days is going to expire soon.


Any advice?




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Re: Bandwidth usage?

We have Max Turbo, the fasted ATT offers, I am housebound and on the computer / internet about 12 to 15 hours a day, pretty much 7 days a week.


I do email, browse the web, post on message boards, watch HBO GO on my computer, some youtubes, but not a lot.


My mate plays WOW, on work days spends 4 to 5 hours online, off 3 days a week, spends about 12 hours a day then.


We have received no warnings or notices about exceeding bandwidth.



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Re: Bandwidth usage?

There are no bandwidth limits at this time.

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Re: Bandwidth usage?

We signed up with U-Verse (TV (2), High Speed? Internet (18), and Voice) a few months ago. We've had consistent drop-outs with our phone and TV service.  When my internet slowed to a crawl last month, I called AT&T customer support.  I was told I was nearing the 250 limit (which we were never told about when being signed up).  We don't watch movies on the internet or game at all. A little streaming live video, etc...  No cell phones, only 1  land line.  Now that I think about it, AT&T offered the "Free Gift" of 1 of 3 "wireless" gifts for signing up with U-Verse.  With "wireless", I think the "data usage" goes up alot......nice gift. yuk.  Anyway, the tech support person told me TV, phone and internet usage (all 3) were part of the bandwidth usage.  He told me:  don't use the phone as much, unplug one of the TV cable boxes, and don't go online until our month pay period comes up... (one week)!  ---> Then the "bandwidth" is reset to 0.  This was all news to me.  We were never informed about this, had we known, we definitely would NOT have signed on to U-Verse.  We are not cyberFreaks or tech-dependant in the least and we were penalized.  I feel sorry for any of you that are wireless, Netflix watchers, or phone dependant.


I am so disappointed with this blatant "switch of hands" trick.  We've been duped.  Woman Frustrated


This above atrocity on top of the fact my Yahoo email was held hostage unless I agreed to be spied on (I just wanted to retrieve my past emails and be sent to my other email acct; then close My Yahoo email acct., through AT&T which I previously loved; this was not allowed.  I HAD to sign over My Privacy Rights).  The new Yahoo girl they hired at the top has ultimately eliminated PRIVACY, and rights therein are null and void.  I thought America was free of this kind of corruption.... yeh right. lol. Its getting worse day by day.



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Re: Bandwidth usage?

Whoever told you that you were near the 250G maximum was full of you know what.  They don't have the ability to filter out all the IPTV usage to gauge the amount used as internet data on everything but the TVs.  The internet used on computers, tablets, etc directly to the internet, would include Netflix, Amazon, etc downloading, would be counted in the 250G max if/when it ever starts being counted,


That's the problem w/the phone support, half the time they give completely false info and people get upset and come here to complain.


I suggest you get a gmail account as your main email, start forwarding all ATT/Yahoo email to the gmail account. Smiley Wink



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Re: Bandwidth usage?

Constant drops of service.....please download uvrealtime and post screen shots....this will allow a better view of what is happening.
Suspect line issue(s), or interference (many posts on subject), but a snapshot would help. http://www.uvrealtime.com/

There is no enforcement of bandwidth caps with tv service, but in the Terms of Service (TOS) you agreed to (a box you checked when registering the internet service) it is stated of a 250GB limit, again not currently enforced
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Re: Bandwidth usage?

Oh but we were affected.  That IS the reason I called support.  We pay for 18 Mbps (getting average of 17.40 Mbps) and last month it was down ALOT; thats why I called.  Support did, in fact, tell me to unplug 1 of the 2 TV modems, limit phone usage (we have a landline and pay for "unlimited" calls), and limit internet usage until the "rollever" period (next billing cycle).  Then we would be reset to 0.  Was this all a lie?  Why did our high-speed internet become low-speed unlessness?  And I was told about the 250 gig cap; unknown to me til then.  I felt this "tech" was very helpful as I was unaware of it.  But frustrated for the misleadings.

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Re: Bandwidth usage?

I just went to your link re: terms of service and ouch, do you feel this is a little over the top? Ok, all business involves TOS deals, but simple communication re same could be implemented don't you agree? We were told all the benefits +++ ; and I asked the rep: is there anything important or sneaky I should NOW be aware of, so I can sign this without feeling slighted later? The "Main" things important to me?. The important facts were: our "free" gift (which I believe is costing us somehow in bandwidth as well; and wasn't told that, or we would have opted for the "$" credit option) and we would get free HBO/Cinemax for 3 mos. but to remember and cancel it in time, and we did that. He could have mentioned the cap on bandwidth, and HOW exactly to limit it? Still... I don't know how we even neared that! Like I stated, we don't use Netflix or do any online gaming.
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Re: Bandwidth usage?

As has been stated many times in posts above, there is no current cap for usage on your INTERNET so don't worry about it.  Download anything you want.  Watch anything you want anytime you want.


Now maybe the rep was talking about your U-voice?  If you have the U-voice 250 plan and not the unlimited plan you get 250 minutes per billing cycle.   

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Re: Bandwidth usage?

Verizon FiOS is sending letters to 45 of their customers for "excessive" usage, one person is using about 77 TERABYTES per month.  I would venture to guess if you are using close to that you will probably recieve a verbal warning from AT&T.

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Re: Bandwidth usage?

@oufanindallas wrote:

Verizon FiOS is sending letters to 45 of their customers for "excessive" usage, one person is using about 77 TERABYTES per month.  I would venture to guess if you are using close to that you will probably recieve a verbal warning from AT&T.

77 Terabytes? That's an insane amount of usage.

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Re: Bandwidth usage?

3 Month old Message?

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