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Bad Customer Services


Bad Customer Services

Well this must be the AT&T Standard Operating Practice.  Here is my story:


Yesterday morning I learned my phone was not working, no dial tone, no static, even using a known good phone plugged directly into the apartment test jack.  I was a customer for 10 years.


I called to request line test, they said a repair technician would arrive on Saturday, August 3.  It was Tuesday, July 30 when I called them.  This is a repair order, not a new phone order.  It costs me money during the day to use my cell phone and I am paying for unlimited local and long distance and only have the one phone line.


I called a supervisor and was moved up to a guarantee of 6PM July 31.  That was today.  I was home for 10 hours waiting for the tech to arrive.  NEVER SHOWED UP.


I called at 4:50PM to ask them to confirm with the tech when to expect him.  Was told he was running late.


By 6:30PM no show, no update and no information.  I went out and found an AT&T truck about 2 miles away.  Saw the tech.  He said "He would come and do it if his supervisor will approve it".  I had the work order number.  His supervisor never answered his employee's call and ignored all three of my calls and voice mails.


I eventually reached a dispatch manager who REFUSED to send anyone out before tomorrow.  Remember I was seeking it done tonight because of the guarantee I received yesterday when the original appointment was moved up.  I rescheduled appointments and used many cell phone minutes today because of no phone. 


I now have to reschedule my appointments tomorrow as well.  YOU CAN NOT TRUST AT&T, their credibility is zero.  No responsibility, not reliable.


I am planning to file written formal complaints with The Florida Public Service Commission, The Federal Communications Commission, The Better Business Bureau of Central Florida, and contact the news media regarding the poor to non-existent service I am receiving.  At a minimum I expect to receive some monetary compensation for the eleven hours they wasted of my time as I waited home all day for them.  They NEVER CAME.


If anyone from AT&T actually cares, the phone number is ******, if you work for AT&T you can find the work order number and address from that number.


I am going to solve this problem permanently.  I pay them a premium price for their unlimited local and long distance and calling features.  I can obtain ALL of those features by changing to Voipo, you can see this for yourself at, It will cost me under $7 a month, $185 is for two years including taxes.


As I will owe them for last month's charges, when we have agreed on reasonable compensation for their failure to keep their appointment, I am thinking $35 credit to my bill would be acceptable, I will pay what I owe.  In the meantime I will contact the Better Business Bureau for a contact in the executive division of at&t to resolve my ten hours of waiting for nothing.


This appears to be their normal method of handling a customer, that is why they are losing at least one and probably more when others read of my experience.



Altamonte Springs, FL


[edited for privacy]

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Re: Bad Customer Services

sgbradley, click on the hyperlink for AT&T Customer Care and you will be taken their profile.  Send them a PM with your info and issue and they will be in touch with you.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service who can get your issue resolved.  Watch the blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification, as they will reply to you via PM as well.

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Re: Bad Customer Services

The problems I have seen over and over again is lack of communicatppl and simply not trying to do what's best for the customer. Whatever their guidelines say is the only option. Multiple times I have asked for a supervisor to either be ignored or told there was not one on duty. Sadly you just havuntil keep trying until you finally find someone who is willing to out forth a little effort. The others give a bad reputatioppl the good CSRs and unfortunately by the time post people find a good one they are so frustrated and angry that it becomes one sided withthe customer always being wrong and screaming, yelling, and making his situation even worse.


i try to stay call with my experience and did get upset a few times but made it clear in the beginning that I apologized if that happen but hopefully they could understand my frustration. that has atleast made things a little easier in my experience... Atleast until they give you the run around or mislead you like the previous reps have

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Community Support

Re: Bad Customer Services

Hi Casey-armstrong,


Just wanted to check in and let you know that we received your private message. One of our managers will be getting in touch with you shortly.




Nicole K.

AT&T Social Media Manager

AT&T Customer Care

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