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Bad Behavior by Technician in Chicago


Bad Behavior by Technician in Chicago

I am writing to find out the best way to formally register a complaint about an employee of AT&T.  I am not an AT&T customer.


On Saturday, February 15th, I was attempting to exit my alley which was blocked by an AT&T truck.  The technician was on a ladder clearly doing some maintenance.  I asked the technician how long he would be and he said "5-10 minutes".  I told him that I had an appointment and needed to leave and he said "Ok, I'll come down in a minute".  Several minutes later, I approached him again and reminded him that I had to leave.  He told me to back up and go the other way out of the alley.  I realized he misunderstood the layout of the alley and pointed to a sign that said "NO OUTLET" -- it's a dead-end alley.  He said, "Ok, I'll be done in a minute."  


After several minutes passed, I then called my husband (who was in our house) and asked him to come out and help me.  My husband spoke to the guy and tried to reason with him and he refused to come down "until I'm finished".  We then took a video of the guy and asked him once again to come down and move his truck and said we would report it to AT&T.  He again refused to move his truck.  I then became extremely angry and started cursing and he began laughing at me.  I told him I would call the police.  He said "Go ahead, they won't do anything".  I called 911 and they said they would send someone over and to wait for the police.


I told the technician I had called the police and he said "so what, I'll be long gone by the time they get here."  I said that I felt he was deliberately slowing down his work in order to make my life difficult and he started laughing again.


A few minutes later, he came down off the ladder and started packing up his tools.  He then told me to move (my husband and I were now at the end of the alley waiting for the police to arrive) and said "I thought you had an appointment".  I told him I was waiting for the police as instructed.  The police arrived a minute later.


I had called 911 so I started talking to the police officer.  The technician came over and interrupted me, and started yelling, and the police officer told him to go back to his truck.  I explained the situation and the police officer walked over to the technician and told him to move his truck immediately.  The technician started yelling again and accused me of blocking the alley (which, of course, I was for a couple of minutes waiting for the police officer).  The technician then started yelling at me asking "What was the point of that?  What was the point of that?"  I told him that I hoped he would be more reasonable and considerate the next time, but he just drove away.  The police officer then came over and said "Normally I am on the working man's side in these situations, but that guy had a really bad attitude".  


Any advice on how I can register a complaint so that this specific technician has some consequences?  I have a video and the licence plate number of the car.  I was delayed 21 minutes (from 12:43 to 1:04 p.m.) and several more minutes once the police officer arrived.  I know that it is not a lot of time but I am upset about the way I was treated and would like someone official within AT&T to know about this behavior.

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Re: Bad Behavior by Technician in Chicago

I would recommend you initiate this contact in two ways:



1. Send a private message to the escalation team at ATT U-Verse Care .  Normally, this team handles technical and account issues for U-Verse customers, so I don't know if they can assist with this specific issue.  However, they do have a lot of internal contacts at AT&T and might be able to route your issue to the right person.  Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time. Please take into account weekends when contacting them.

To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope. List Private Messages



2. Contact the AT&T CEO or other members of the Board of Directors by clicking the "AT&T Links" tab in my signature below, then click on the "AT&T Corporate Governance" link.

On that page is a "Contact Us" section, and there is a link that says "How to Contact AT&T's Board of Directors". It contains a mailing address.

While some people have gotten good results using this method, there is no guarantee that your mail will be acted upon.



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