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Awesome customer service.


Awesome customer service.

i just wanted to let you know that Lisa *** (hope I'm getting that last name right) provided excellent customer service to me this morning. Thank you for making my call to att so easy! 


[edited for privacy - information available internally]

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Re: Awesome customer service.

Welcome to the Community--it's refreshing to see that your first post is a positive one!  Personal identifiers (such as Lisa's last name) are generally removed from posts here, but I believe that you can still extend your compliments.  If you send a Private Message to AT&T Customer Care with Lisa's name and your contact information, along with any specifics of the experience you had, they may be able to send your kudos to Lisa and/or her manager.  Feel free to post here anytime!

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Re: Awesome customer service.

Thanks for the heads up! I went ahead and sent a private message. 

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