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Autopayment keeps getting cancelled, credit cards not being accepted.


Autopayment keeps getting cancelled, credit cards not being accepted.

Although I've been using autopay for several years now, for the past 2 or 2 billing cycles I have had several automated letters saying a request to cancel my autopayment was received - but I never made such a request. I also get a separate letter saying an amount of $0.00 is now past due - HUH ???


So I logged into my ATT and tried to make a 1 time payment and re-enable autopay - this worked on the first occassion I received the aforementioned letters but today I received the same letters again and so I tried paying the outstanding amount (which was not $0.00) and tried re-enabling my autopayment. 


This time however the system just kept saying : 


"We are unable to process your transaction for this payment method. Please choose another method of payment and try again."


I've tried other credit cards and confirmed with the issuing banks that the cards are valid.

I also tried paying using the automated phone system - same result.


So I tried using the online customer chat and after 45+ minutes they couldn't figure it out either and said I should call accounts receivable.


However, I don't have time to fix AT&T's billing system problems and I don't want to spend another 45 mins on the phone only to be told I need to call someone else or send in a check etc etc.


This is totally unacceptable - there is clearly a glitch in your system and you need to fix it asap instead of sending out harassing letters to loyal long time customers.


Here is the chat transcript :


Thank you for choosing AT&T. A representative will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Sage.

Garrey : my uverse autopayment failed and none of my credit cards are being accepted my banks confirmed my credit cards are 100% ok so the problem is with ATT website my account is now past due so when are you going to fix the online billing ?

Sage: I can help you with that!

Sage: Please allow me a moment, while I access your account.

Sage: ‪May I have the U-verse account number?

Garrey : <supplied>

Sage: ‪Thank you.

Sage: ‪I appreciate your patience. I am still checking your details, please bear with me.

Sage: ‪Thank you for being on hold. I can see that the current amount due is $169.80

Sage: ‪I am sorry to tell you that Au pay is is not active in the account.

Sage: ‪I can help you to activate it .

Garrey : it was - it keeps getting turned off

Garrey : but thats not the problem

Garrey : even a 1 time payment is being rejected

Sage: ‪Garrey, Do you wish to pay the amount due now from my end?

Sage: ‪Sometimes a technical issue happens.

Garrey : yes but that doesnt solve the underlying problem - why are none of my cards being accepted and why does autopay keep turning off - ive been using it for years and it started doing this a couple of months ago

Sage: ‪I will check it for you now. Please bear with me.

Sage: ‪Thank you for being on hold. Garrey, Is it ok if I update the Auto pay details from my end now?

Garrey : yes

Sage: ‪Thank you.

Sage: ‪Is it Debit/Credit card or Bank?

Garrey : its credit card

Sage: ‪Ok

Sage: May I have the following information:

  • Card Number
  • Expiration Date  
  • Security Code on the back of the card
  • Cardholder Name, as it appears on the card
  • Card Billing Zip Code  



Sage: ‪Thank you.

Sage: ‪Let me update the details, please bear with me.

Sage: ‪I am sorry for the delay. It's taking time for me to update. Please bear with me.

Sage: ‪I appreciate your patience. I am getting some kind of technical error, I am checking it with our technical department, please bear with me.

Garrey : ok i need to step away for 2 minutes

Sage: ‪Garrey, Do you have number, I can reach you?

Sage: ‪The technical person is looking at it. It will take sometime. In the mean time may I tell you a promotional discount , which will give you high speed Internet. I mean I can upgrade your Internet speed from 12 Mbps to 24 Mbps without any cost.

Garrey : eh - sorry why do u need my number ?

Sage: ‪You can double your Internet speed without any cost.

Sage: ‪Please don't think that I am deviating from your real concern.

Sage: ‪As you said that, you need to rush in 3 minutes, and if the Technical error takes times to be resolved, I can call and let you know.

Sage: ‪That is why I asked the number Garrey.

Garrey : no - i said i had to step out for 2 mins which i did and then came bacl

Garrey : back

Sage: ‪Got it.

Sage: ‪Garrey, the person is taking care of it in his computer.

Sage: ‪May I go ahead and fix you the promotional offer for you.

Sage: ‪Which gives you Double speed of Internet without any cost.

Sage: ‪The bill will be the same.

Garrey : how long does it last

Garrey : how long is the promo

Sage: ‪Six months. After 6 months, There will be $10 hike. But the best thing is that,

Garrey : no thanks

Sage: ‪As there is not contract for the offer,

Sage: ‪You can change it after 5 or 6 months , so that can avoid the $10 hike.

Sage: ‪You just need to sped 5 minutes time after 5 or 6 months.

Sage: ‪You are getting Double speed Internet completely free for 6 months.

Sage: ‪Don't think that I am compelling you Garrey, I am just trying to give you the best possible discount/offer while the technical work on the Auto pay.

Sage: ‪I am including my manager her Garrey. Please bear with me.

Sage: ‪May I confirm the Credit card number?

Garrey : <supplied>

Sage: ‪Thank you.

Sage: ‪Garrey, I am transferring this chat to my Senior Manager.

Sage: ‪As this issue is something complicated, we really want to fix it today itself.

Please wait while I transfer the chat to Jenny.

You are now chatting with Jenny.

Jenny: ‪Hi Garrey

Garrey : hi

Jenny:  You can reach a specialist in the Accounts Receivable office at 1-866-821-1125, available Monday through Friday, 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, and Saturday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Garrey : why are you telling me this ?

Jenny: ‪Garrey we are getting an error while we are updating your credit card information.

Garrey : so why did u give me those phone #s ?

Garrey : ru saying you cant fix it and i need to call that # ?

Jenny: ‪Yes, I am sorry to say that.

Jenny: ‪We are having no access to the tool to do that.

Garrey : sorry thats not good enough i dont have time to spend another 30 mins or more on a problem thats clearly at ATT's end

Garrey : my credit card works perfectly well everywhere else and has worked for this account for some time - u need to find someone else to fix it - you cant expect a customer to do your job for you

Jenny: ‪Garrey, I reall apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the error occurred when we tri to update the credit crad details in your account.

Jenny: ‪It is because of an upgrade error. However, we are not able to fix it from our end now.

Garrey : upgrade of what ?

Jenny: ‪That's why I sugested you to contact our accounts team who have more access to add the details in your account.

Jenny: ‪I mean the server update error.

Garrey : you mean update - not upgrade ?

Jenny: ‪All you need is just make a call to them.

Garrey : why dont u calll them then

Jenny: ‪It is a direct number and yu dont need to wait more time.


[edited for privacy-please do not post personal information such as full names or id numbers]

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ACE - Master

Re: Autopayment keeps getting cancelled, credit cards not being accepted.

Since this is account specific I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the AT&TCustomerCare customer service team. They will reply back with a PM (blue envelope in the top right of the page). Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time.


I would recommend that you PM customer service and let them correct the issue.  Put the link to your post in the PM so they can see what's going on.

"If you find this post helpful and it solved your issue please mark it as a solution.  This will help other forum members locate it and will also let everyone know that it corrected your problem. If they have the same issue they will know how to solve theirs"

*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: Autopayment keeps getting cancelled, credit cards not being accepted.

OMG! I thought I was the only one this has been happening to! I feel like I'm in some alternate uverse-universe where everything makes no sense at all....ever! haha Our nightmare with autopay and updating our account with new credit/debit card info has been going on since February 18, 2014! That's like 5 months now? This is insane! I've never experienced anything like this in my life! We're literally BEGGING them to take our money, but they won't! 


We were one of the unlucky people caught up in that big Target ordeal and our our debit  Mastercard was one of the account hacked from Target's system and a few days after Christmas, my husband wanted to know why I was playing on a Russian gambling website! LOL Logical enough question...I mean, why Russia when they have like 8 million in the US I could play on - IF I gambled online! Then a few hotels in some 4th world country hit our account, so luckily our bank caught everything and canceled our card. So, whats the 1st thing people are going to do when this happens? Thats right! Call uverse and say, "Hey, we need to update our autopay account with new payment info because our card was stolen." So we called 2 x in January and also went online to att and redid our enrolment into autopay that way as well. 


So I guess THAT wasnt as easy at it seemed, lol because by the end of February, we were 3 billing cycles past due! No problem, you just call them back and explain the system isnt updating our autopay, can they please take care it. That must have been too much for billing support to handle as well, so after a few mild threats of "I'm telling on you if you don't fix this," I was assured autopay would be updated! I'll be here another week telling you how many more times I called, went online, spoke with managers, spoke with accounts receivable in Chicago, then accounts receivable in Chicago's I'll end this rant by saying I have now officially renrolled online 3 times and spoken to 14 different agents from here to Mount Olympus! NOTHING! So now here I am and its July 1, 2014 tomorrow and - color me so surprised - our bill has not been "paid" for 3 cycles and we owe a nice round number of $1035.00. 


IS THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENING??? WE HAVE HAD UVERSE FOR 3 YRS AND NOW MY HUSBAND IS MAKING ME CANCEL IT IF I DON'T GET SOLID HARDCORE IN WRITING OR IN BLOOD, PROOF THAT WE ARE TAKEN CARE OF! And yes, I know it can take 1-2 billing cycles to kick back in, but we go 3 at a time and that  just ain't right people! 


So long uverse, how I loved you soooooo! Hello Time Warner, my old friend? Dish, my new friend? Who shall it be! Thanks for the chance to rant like the stark raving lunatic I am once again this month! Wtg ATT....thanks for shattering 25 yrs worth of 99.9% amazing problem-free everything.


Maybe, the billing agents don't know the secret handshake so the computer system knows to accept their commands and updates for our billing accounts? I'm outta logical explanations people. LOL


[word filter avoidance]

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Re: Autopayment keeps getting cancelled, credit cards not being accepted.

Awww, how adorable.....a magic blue envelope that will solve what 5-6 mos worth of phone calls couldn't? lol Well, what'll they think of next? A flying machine? Lanterns that don't need gas to light up houses and streets? That crazy old ATT! They're just way ahead of everyone else! Hahahahahaha 


(I'm not being rude to you, so don't think that....I just have to be snarky about ATT one last time, LOL) Thanks for the suggestion, it at least made me chuckle!

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Re: Autopayment keeps getting cancelled, credit cards not being accepted.


Is how I am feeling and going through when I read these post , especially this one. I don't understand at all. I have been with AT&T since March , while I am disabled and also being going through identity fraud , I thought WOW and where have I been the day I had gotten my AT&T service was hooked up . After one month I was impressed so I ordered wireless and was even offered a deal to bundle. Well that did not happen , found out there two different AT&T networks. Ok got over that but I started to get cancel payments when my bank and AT&T status showed patient cleared . I printed it out . My bill runs $177 a month just for the AT&T UVerse alone. Since then I made what they showed 3 cleared payment and just paid with Bill Pay with my bank on June 30 . Now it shows I owe $484 Or close to it. Why? It states that my first bill for $232 came back off my credit card through former bank I closed with but had the money to cover it and it did paid it. My bank I am with now has work with the FTC to see that I did have fraundently fraud and has given me my credit back and dignity. I had to close out the bank I was using until I my former bank clear. But I also have a savings with a credit union that has also paid 3 payment so now that is a totally of 6 payment since March of installation and my first bill was credit from $232 to $197 due to a mix up on installation charges on my landline phone. So what do I do. I did called customer service twice and was cut off. I had friends waiting to see if AT&T was really better than Charter before they sign up. I love the quality of TV, ease, the internet could use some work bad. But it was good. any suggestions? Sorry I hope this make sense. Karen
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ACE - Expert

Re: Autopayment keeps getting cancelled, credit cards not being accepted.

Please click this AT&T logoCustomer Service link to send a Private Message (PM) to the AT&T customer service team to help you resolve your request. You can expect a reply via return PM (the blue envelope envelope in the upper right hand corner of this site) in a business day or three.  Speed things up by including your Billing Account Number and the best way and time to reach you.


Some posters may joke about the magic envelope, but these people get things fixed that some members of the telephone crew don't seem to be able to.


*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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