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Audio dropouts ONLY on Dolby Digital 2.0 material


Audio dropouts ONLY on Dolby Digital 2.0 material

I just bought a new receiver (Onkyo TX-NR-616) and have started to notice some audio dropouts.  Since this does seem to be a common issue, I thought I would share what I've found since it does seem to be a bit different.  If anyone can provide any insight I sure would appreciate it.


When surround sound is enabled on my STB, DD5.1 material is perfect.  PCM material (from non-HD channels) is also perfect.  DD2.0 material is not good.  I get silent dropouts randomly during programming...maybe every 5 seconds.  So, if a HD show is not in 5.1, it's hard to ignore the dropouts.  I don't mind so much during commercials.


I've seen this issue over both HDMI audio and the optical output.  I've also seen this exact behavior with both my DVR and a differente STB.  I'm in Chicago 7 have the Cisco-branded equipment.  I know my STB has a 330 in the model; I don't remember the DVR model but I believe I have the higher capacity DVR.


Of course, switching the STB to Stereo works perfectly with any material over any connection.  Still, I would rather get surround sound from programming instead of the matrixed sound my receiver creates from stereo.  I did not notice any issues with my previous receiver (an older Sony STR-V333ES).  I have checked all my other equipment and have no issues.  Specifically, I have tried DD2.0 material from my Blu-ray player over HDMI and had no issues at all so it does seem isolated to the U-verse surround sound output.


Thanks for any help or guidance anyone can provide.

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Re: Audio dropouts ONLY on Dolby Digital 2.0 material

Ben_1 wrote:

It happened on every channel that was in Dolby 2.0 all times of day. It would NOT happen with On Demand content that was Dolby 2.0.

Just received the Cisco ISB7500 today. Got it hooked up and check the Dolby 2.0 channels as soon I I switched it to surround. The issue is resolved with this new box!!!! The new box also responds much faster and is a much better experience. I am so glad I finally called in and had this addressed. Not being able to watch some shows because of sound issues was a pain. Although you could go into the settings and switch to stereo to fix it, this was not convenient. 

Cool. Thanks for the info!


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