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Att speed slower then advertised. need advice and help.


Att speed slower then advertised. need advice and help.

Hi, guys.

   I have been long term att costumer but, ever since we moved into a new apartment att has totally dissappointed me. 

1. We had bought 3mbps pack but the internet was way too slow. Speed test showed that the internet speed was under 1mbps. Most of the time. [we had techinican come in many time and he even changed the router but it didn't help]

2. Thinking it was just a slow speed we changed it to 10mbps pack but, the stream speed didn't change. It would always roll back and flucutate ie. sometime 10mbps, back to 1mbps very regularly. Its one of the most annoying experiences in life. ATT techinican came but, that still wasn't very helpful.

3. Knowing this we changed back to 3mbps. to save money but even that has dissappointed me same thing is happening. It rarely gives me 3mbps instead it flucutates from low extremes. ie. 0.80mpbs. 

4. For this reason i am going to set up speed test check. I will randomly do speed test through-out the day for almost 1 month in various time and i will also create a file with this data and i need your advice and help.

5. Worst comes to worst can i legally break my contract because of this reason. I will contact att and inform them about this problem. 

Please att personals and fellow community members. advise me. 

If you are att personal could you please do something about this and fix this problem. At this point im very dissappointed costumer. 





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Re: Att speed slower then advertised. need advice and help.

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Re: Att speed slower then advertised. need advice and help.

Hi samik001, we really do apologize for the inconvenience caused. Please let us know if you are getting this issue with the Wired connection or Wireless connection. If you are using the wireless connection the speed of the Internet connection depends upon various factors like Number of devices connected wirelessly, distance between the router and your computer, EMI devices or any Solid wall interferrence.Whereas in case of Wired connection the only factor that must be causing the issue is that the number of devices connected with the single point of the network at any given time.

Please reply us if this information helps you..

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Re: Att speed slower then advertised. need advice and help.

Here's a site/program that will do what you want as far as automatic speed testing. I have mine set to run @ 60 minute intervals



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