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At&t refuses to resolve customers issues


At&t refuses to resolve customers issues

This is an issue that needs to be posted to the public... I have repeatedly contacted at&t via internet and phone. However, their representatives that pride themselves on prompt and satisfying service have yet to resolve any of my issues. I have been having this on going problem since September 2013. An account was fraudulently created in my name and at&t refuses to respond to my complaint. I continue to be charged monthly for an un activated u verse modem that is not in my possession. I have posted serveral e mails privately through this forum since October 21, 2013. A customer care person by the name of Jenn have yet to follow up with me. I also, received a phone call from a gentlemen by the name of Andy with no further follow up as well. All seem to be either lost or confused or perhaps incompetent regarding the resolution of this matter... My reason for posting this is to advise customers of the dealings of at&t. I suppose I got lost in the crowd and swindled by Big Business. 

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Re: At&t refuses to resolve customers issues

Hello, trucker93077!


Thanks for your post. I'm sorry to hear that you seem to be the victim of fraudulent activity. I've reviewed your account notes, and it appears that you are currently working with one of our specialists.


This person should be able to give you an update. If you would like me to check in with your rep, please let me know!


Feel free to message me with any additional questions or concerns!



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Re: At&t refuses to resolve customers issues

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