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At&t Uverse Internet Billed Wrongly

At&t Uverse Internet Billed Wrongly

I took at&t internet from September,2012. I was told that I would be eligible for one year promotion where I would have to pay 19.95$ for my internet service since I also have the wireless service.

Suddenly the promo service was cancelled this month, well before the expiration. I called up uverse support but they couldn't help me. Everytime I call I get a different answer. I am disgusted with AT&T and its customer service. I will like taking the ETF and never doing business with AT&T again.

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Re: At&t Uverse Internet Billed Wrongly

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Re: At&t Uverse Internet Billed Wrongly

anirupdutta as izmeeh stated if you can please send us a PM ATTCustomerCare and one of our managers would be more than happy to take a look. Please include your account number and best contact number.


~ Andy

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Re: At&t Uverse Internet Billed Wrongly

Hey many many thanks for your replies. I sent a private message.
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Re: At&t Uverse Internet Billed Wrongly

Hey Andy,


I actually got an email from you asking me whats the best time to contact me. Since I didn't know whether to directly respond to email or post it here, I am doing both. Best time to contact me is around 11am-8pm on any given day.

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Re: At&t Uverse Internet Billed Wrongly

Hey, Andy. Thank you for helping me out.

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Re: At&t Uverse Internet Billed Wrongly

I had the same problem and kept getting transferred around, so I dropped AT&T. Now I'm very happy and hope to never have to return.

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