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At My Wits End

At My Wits End

I have been a loyal AT&T customer for around four years now. Originally I started out with the standard DSL package: 6Mbps and a land line bundled. That service was fine for a year or so until I wanted to upgrade my speeds, so I signed up for U-Verse Internet. My package has always been the same, 12Mbps with no land line as I use my cell primarily. My first gateway was a Motorola NVG510, and within the first three months, I began experiencing the dreaded DNS redirect along with the standard connection dropping syndrome. Now this has gone on for around two years on and off, sometimes it works, and sometimes it's terrible. Fast forward to six months ago; I have had no connection problems for a few months, until it started again. The connection will recycle every morning for a few hours, stabilise until the afternoon when it resets for a few hours, then behaves until the later hours of the night. I started calling tech support regarding my service issues, to which I was sent a technician that performed no work and charged me $100. But, not to worry, I was able to get that refunded easily. Three technicians, a new PACE 5031NV gateway later, I am still having the same issues. I have even been told that I would receive crazy discounts on my service, when all I would really want is to have my service fixed. I work as a remote network technician, and my livelihood depends on this connection. Just as a side note: I've seen the router reset three times since typing this post. Here are some screenshots from UVRT detailing the errors from my gateway:



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Re: At My Wits End

You have bad noise issues on you line.  I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the ATTU-verseCare Community Specialist team.  One of the specialists will respond to your PM shortly.  Please look for the flashing envelope at the top right of the page for your response from a team member.


Copy and paste this in your PM:

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Re: At My Wits End

Just FYI, UV Realtime does not officially support the 5031NV. Although it happens to pull some information off of that model gateway, not all of the numbers nor the colored warning/error highlighting is accurate.

Nevertheless, the error table looks bad, so there is definitely a line problem. Follow BeeBee's directions above to contact Customer Care.
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Re: At My Wits End

I agree with the other posters.  You have a noise issue.  Your DSL circuit is basically a long long antenna from the pedestal to your home.  It's picking up all kinds of junk and reflections along the way.  You need to point that out to them.


See also this post last week: AT&T UVerse and WiFi issues, tips, and solutions:

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Re: At My Wits End

Techs have been inside my home, rewired my lines to run off of different jacks, swapped Ethernet cables, phone cables, Gateways, filters on, filters off, bridge taps have been found and supposedly dealt with as well. I have sent a PM to Customer Care, but no response as of yet.


Here are some links to the diagnostics on my RG:

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Re: At My Wits End

Hello FesteringRuin,


I'm sorry about these service interruptions you are having. I can help you isolate the source of trouble and coordinate a technician dispatch if needed to resolve any faults on your line. I have sent you a private message to assist you further.


If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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