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An exceptional service story


An exceptional service story

I beefed enough about poor service, so today I am pleased to report an exceptional high level of top flight service by an AT&T tech. When I had my original install back on 1-29-14 that tech used a WiFi dongle to make the Internet connection to my desktop from the Gateway in another room. Oh it worked, sort of, but not that well and yesterday gave up the ghost.


Today I had a different tech to run a Ethernet line to replace the Wifi dongle. Because of heating ducts, plumbing, access was difficult. Tech volunteered to help move a 200 pound desk to get at an old unused coaxial outlet installed from a prior Internet provider. I asked if he could run a second Ethernet line to connect my NAS to the Gateway, that also didn't work too well with WiFi. He said no problem and went additional steps beyond by changing the outlet to support the new Ethernet run with two outlets one for the computer, the other the NAS, something he surely didn't have to do.   


At the other end of the cable run, in the basement, under the family room where the TV and Gateway are located above he pulled out the old coaxial line to use the same hole for the Ethernet cable. After, he brought up a short run of the old coaxial cable and showed me the source of years of poor performance from my past cable provider. Somehow the shielding on the cable was damaged for a couple inches... likely the result of the cable getting pushed through too small a hole through the flooring and the cause of much misery with endless interrupted signal issues.


Before leaving we tested the two new lines, works better and faster. This tech was only at my home about an hour and did a first rate job quickly even helping to move heavy furniture.


Oh, one last thing... with WiFi Internet, my Internet speed tests averaged between 17.8 and and 18.5 for my Maxplus package which provides 18 Mbps. Now with it on Ethernet, two tests so far each just a tad below 22 Mbps.






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Re: An exceptional service story

Hi billy-xwow,


Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I am always glad to hear one of our guys go above and beyond.


-David T

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