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Airport Time Capsule dilemma


Airport Time Capsule dilemma

Hello Everyone, 


I hope someone has previous encounters of what of I am dealing right not with the set up and configuration of the Airport Time Capsule. Let me start with the set up 


So I have uverse tv and interent and the RG is stationed at the family room on the main floor. Thankfully the signal reaches throughout the main floor and the basement. But the second floor there seems to be quite a few dead spots. So I bought the aiport device so i can create another 2nd wireless network for the second floor ..They way i set it up was that I connected the airport device to the back ethernet port of my uverse receiver (the gray one thats connected via coax cable) and also used a free ethernet port on the back of the airport device to connect to my PS3.. at first it was working fine, since i bothered to pay attention the settings and then after a few days the airport device started to act up .. so upon futher review i saw that i had to enable it the bridge mode which it worked but it made the connection terribly slow and ping time shot way up .. finally i saw another option where i had to enable the RG as bridge mode and that worked fine until the RG had to be reset and then Im back to step one .. I temporarily fixed the situation by turning off the RG wireless option and making the airport device the primary router but again im wondering if can see another option as i cannot use my devices on the main floor and the basement .. any ideas guys. because im frustrated . thanks for your help in advance



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Re: Airport Time Capsule dilemma

Is this the newer dual radio TC?

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Re: Airport Time Capsule dilemma

I believe so .. it has the capability to broadcast in 5ghz

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Re: Airport Time Capsule dilemma

There are 2 versions one would let you use 2.4 or 5 but not at the same time the later model will broadcast both at the same time and have much larger area coverage.

I use the later and can still connect at my neighbors house.

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Re: Airport Time Capsule dilemma

You can check your transmit rate on the Mac by placing the cursor over the wi-fi symbol in the menu bar at the top and click on it while holding the option (alt) key down and repeat process for each room.

This will tell you exactly how bad your rate falls off around your house.

I bought the newest TC in the same room my TR is 300 falling to 162 at the back of my house anything over 100 is nice , under that you will notice slower than usual page loading.

I set the TC in bridge mode which works great and allows me to access the UV side.

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