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Account and Order Issues


Account and Order Issues

I had been an ATT customer for over 5 years before I cancelled my ATT U-verse internet service at the end of August, 2013 due to that ATT dishonored my one-year contract again and again. Actually, ATT offers 22% discount to all salaried employees in my company for the ATT wireless service. However my experience with ATT in recent few years makes me reluctant to think about any ATT service again. I was extremely frustrated with that whatever the ATT customer service staff or the sale person offered/promised to me was not honored finally by ATT.


Here is my story with the ATT U-verse service:


I started to use ATT U-verse internet since July, 2011, with an ATT U-verse modem 100% paid. I moved in Oct., 2011 and also transferred the internet service with the same modem. During the first year of using the U-verse, I had to call ATT at least once every month to get back over-charged money because ATT charged me a much higher price than the price I ordered (online order). Every time when I called, I was promised that my next billing invoice would reflect correct charge.


On 06/18/13, I called ATT to cancel my U-verse internet service at my previous address and to order the same service at my new/current address. The offer I got is 12-month contract: Max plus at $34.95 per month plus $6.0 for modem rental if my ATT U-verse modem does not work at my new address. The cancellation and starting of the new service was scheduled on June 25, 2013.


On 06/20/13, as I saw a different order in my online account with a monthly charge of $70.95, I contacted ATT online chat staff and I got a firm confirmation that I would get what I ordered over the phone, see the excerpt from the online chat below:


Lianzachin       Yes, I am checking your account. And I see that you had move order and have                                               change the package to Max plus and the charges is $56.00, on that you are getting -                                     $21.05 promotion for 12 months. And your monthly bill comes to $34.95.

                                    And the equipment fee is $6 + monthly charges $34.95 = $40.95.

You                              one more question, can I continue to use my current ATT U-verse modem?

Lianzachin       Yes, you can if it is working good, however the tech will take care of when he will                                          install to your new address.

You                              Can you please check if the cancellation of my current service on June 25 is                                                   scheduled?

Lianzachin       Yes, it is scheduled to cancel on June 25.



After I moved to my new address, my ATT U-verse modem was working fine and I was not given an ATT rental modem. I informed ATT about this on 06/27. I received 1st bill on July 20, 2013 and it showed a completely different monthly charge, $56.00/month.


I then contacted customer service on 07/21, 07/22 and 07/23. After quite a few communications, I got a firm promise/confirmation from your staff (Case ID xxxxxxxx). Two of email confirmations are shown as follows:


ATT staff, Michelle, July 21, 2013, “I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you due to the equipment and promo discount. As you are not using any AT&T modem so I have issued a credit in the amount of $6.00 for equipment fee. The adjustment that I processed would reflect within 24 to 48 hours online as well it takes 1 to 2 billing cycle to reflect on your account.”


ATT staff, Glenn, July 23, 2013, “Please accept my sincere apology for the inconvenience you have faced regarding the charges on the bill against Installation and Promotional rate for the Internet service. I am glad to notify you that the Internet monthly price has been revised for you at $34.95/month for next 12 months effective July 22, 2013 ……”  


On 08/17, I received an email bill from ATT, which again shows different charges from what I ordered and what I was promised. I then again contacted customer service with 9 emails and a few phone calls, communicating with quite a few different staffs and managers. Again, I got clear confirmations many time via emails and phone calls (Case ID xxxxxxxx).  A few of the email confirmations I received are listed below:


ATT staff, Meneriza, Aug. 19, 2013, “after reviewing your account, I would like to inform you that your monthly charges will be $34.50. However, I understand that you were told the extra feature of home wiring protection will not be charged, therefore, I have removed the additional feature. I assure you that from the next billing cycle your monthly bill will be $34.50.”


ATT staff, Dan, Aug. 20, 2013, “I apologize for the inconvenience caused to you regarding the promotion which was promised to you. After reviewing your account, I would like to inform you that your monthly charges will be $34.50. I do apologize as it not updated online. I assure you that from the next billing cycle your monthly bill will be $34.50 as this promotion is applied on your account Aug 20, 2013”


A magic change happened a few days later - my account information was changed completely. Please see the following email from ATT:


ATT staff, Sean, Aug. 24, 2013, “I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. I would like to inform you that I have reviewed your account detail and found that you are not under one year contract or one year term agreement with AT&T. Currently you are using U-verse Internet (Max Plus 18.0 Mbps)for $56.00/ per month (exclusive of taxes & surcharges).”


The strangest thing was that I saw three different orders with different order numbers in my ATT online account after calling the ATT customer service in last July, all with the same UPS tracking shipment number. With this number, it is shown,  in the UPS website, that the shipment was delivered to Costa Mesa, California on June 18, 2013, the day when I called to cancel my previous ATT service and order new service for my new address.


After calling the ATT Loyalty Retention office on Aug. 23, 2013, as per the staff’s suggestion, I gave up and decided to cancel my ATT U-verse service at the end of last August.


My story with ATT continues after the cancellation till today. I received a bill invoice from ATT with a balance of $156.00 for a non-returned modem. On Oct. 27, 2013, I contacted and told the ATT again that I did not have the rental modem; instead I was using the ATT modem I paid 100% when I first used ATT U-verse in 2011. The following is an email from ATT:


ATT staff, Grace, Oct. 27, 2013 (Case ID xxxxxxxx), “When I reviewed your account I understood that the modem that you returned was received on 10/07/2013.  I would like to inform that you will be credited $150.00 for returned equipment within 1-2 billing cycles.”


On Oct. 28, 2013, I replied with an email:

“I like to state again that I never received a new ATT U-verse modem when I moved in my current address and I was using the one I already paid in 2011.”


On Oct. 28, 2013, ATT staff, Grace, emailed me with the following confirmation message:

“As per your request I have checked your account and understood that it is in the canceled state. The account was canceled on 08/31/2013. There is also an equipment return and the status of equipment is shown as it is returned on 10/07/2013. Therefore you will credited with $150 for equipment return within 1-2 billing cycles.”


On Nov. 22, 2013, I had to contact ATT again, as I received one letter from ATT asking me to pay the non-returned equipment charge of $156.00. I emailed the letter to ATT.


Here is one of emails from ATT:


Nov. 23, ATT staff, Stephanie, “Upon review of your account I see that your current new balance is $159.00 for the non-returned equipment. Also I can see that the equipment we have received for the order of #****. Since we have advance billing system, we bills a month in advance and this is the reason your bill does not reflect the credit of non-returned equipment. It would take 1-2 billing cycles to reflect on the bill. Do not worry, Our records reflects the received equipment details successfully since we have successfully received the equipment. So you will be credited the amount and it would be applied soon. So let us wait for the next billing cycle to reflect the amount successfully.”


I then posted the ATT email to the ATT billing department together with the billing invoice in last Nov. I also called ATT customer service on Nov. 25, 2013, to see if the credit was reflected in my account (there was no related information in my online account, which I could access). The staff member repeatedly asked me if I returned the rental modem. I repeatedly told him that I did not because I did not have the rental modem but an ATT modem, 100% paid for in 2011. The staff member then told me that I could receive refund if I return the paid modem.


On Jan. 22, 2014, I followed up with an email to ATT, as it had been over three months/billing cycles since last Oct. and I still did not receive a final billing invoice showing that I do not owe ATT anything. I usually received a reply email from ATT within one day. However this time, I did not received a reply for three weeks. I would not be surprised if my account in the ATT side now shows complete different information from what ATT saw last Nov. regarding the rental modem.


I have only presented partial communication between ATT and me. From what was presented, it can be seen that there is obvious chaos within ATT’s system, which I fear most:


  1. My ATT online account did not show what I ordered and what the ATT customer service staff offered/promised.
  2. My ATT account information (order, plan and charge) appeared differently to the ATT staff and to me;
  3. My account information changed from time to time, even on the ATT side.


Appreciate very much if anyone over there could provide any suggestion for my next step.


[edited for privacy]

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Re: ATT: a complete debacle

I would suggest that you contact AT&T Customer Care via private message. These are not the same people as the CS/TS reps you call--they are social media managers who can connect you with the right people to escalate your issue. Include your name, account number and your contact information. Watch the blue envelope at the top right of your screen--they usually reply within 1-2 business days.

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Community Manager

Re: ATT: a complete debacle

Hello @weiligm 


Thank you for sending us a private message, one of our Social Media Care managers will be contracting you via email as soon as possible to help.



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