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About to to send it back...


About to to send it back...

I just set up my uverse internet. All seemed to be going well. Then I got an error message saying I had problems with the phone or fax also plugged into my wall. I have neither of those things. It wont let me use the internet. I have done all the usual unplug, replug in, restart... None of it helps. To top it off I have called every number listed for customer support, even the ones saying they are 24/7 and can not find a way to get in touch with tech support. I chose the option for tech support and I end up, after giving more info about my account number and all that jazz, at this never ending loop of three options. "Would you like to know more about internet, tv or phone service?" If I choose internet, my problem, it just takes me to these ads about email and wireless service and ads for other services. I just want to talk to a person and use my internet. Please, dear lord, send me someone who either has an asnwer, a number that actually works or a box to ship this mess back in. 

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Re: About to to send it back...

I had a similar problem. I did a self install and it kept dropping telling me I either had a bad DSL filter or was missing one. I couldn't track it down.

After I found out DSL was no longer available, I called ATT and had them send someone out to see what the problem was.

The technician split the line at the NID, installed a DSL filter and all the telephones on one leg.

On the other leg he installed my modem (might have been a new modem).

This was in February and it's been working fine since.

There is supposed to be a $100 installation fee if a technician does the install, but I was never charged.

I agree with you about the problem of trying to find a live person to work with you. I have a hearing problem and had to do all of my dealing with them using their Chat option on their website.

Try this  It'll be under "Get Assisted Help"

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Re: About to to send it back...

Click on the hyperlink in my sig and you will be taken to the profile of AT&T Customer Care.  They are an escalation team that can help you get this resolved.  Send them a PM with your info and concern and they will be in touch with you via PM.  Watch the blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification.

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