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I am planning to get the 250 minutes Voice plan. The plan features does not indicate of clues if this 250 minutes is just outgoing? Or both incoming and Outgoing??


Also does calls to 1-800 numbers are charged or not ??


Any ideas??


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Re: ATT Voice Plans


I just made a call, and it did not show up on this list, at least right away.   The ten-minute call to 1-800-ATT-2020 has not shown up yet, either.  So either it doesn't update in real-time, or these calls were not counted.  Funny thing, though, I made a call at 9:00 this AM and it appeared on the list by 9:30. 


If these calls do show up, I will update - which should answer the question.   I think actually testing the system and seeing the results is probably better than guessing at an answer or relying on "Joe" in "Customer Service" in Bangalore.


I think the reason why AT&T has such horrific Customer Service (on the phone) is that they want you to use the website, or forums like this.


Bear in mind that UVERSE is not a regulated utility.  They don't HAVE to take every customer, only the profitable ones.  


Vonage worked on the same economic theory.   If you got your Vonage box, plugged it in, and it worked, great.  If not, send it back and goodbye.   We're not sending tech support to your home to troubleshoot wiring or configuration problems - it isn't worth it, and 9 times out of 10, it will turn out that the customer's internet service is the problem.   Since they were not a regulated utility, they could walk away from customers where it was not economical to serve them.


The service (so far) works great.  Once I can get it to the "set it and forget it" point, the need to call Customer service will diminish.


The website could do a better job of explaining the 250 minute plan.


By the way, the 250 minute plan is explained here:


AT&T U-verse Voice 250

For just $25 per month, provides 250 minutes of calling each month within the U.S. and to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, and the Northern Marianas and only 5¢ per minute thereafter. Enjoy the added convenience of a second line with the same great calling plan for only an additional $15 per month (250 minutes shared between both lines).


As you can see, it ain't much of an explanation.

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Re: ATT Voice Plans



I just logged on to my account, and checked my phone usage.  I've learned the following:


1.  It does not update in real-time.   It takes about 1/2 hour for phone calls to log in.


2.  1-800 calls, at least to AT&T (1-800-CALLATT and 1-800-ATT-2020) did not show up.


3.  So far, no incoming calls have been logged.


If I see anything that behaves differently, I will update this posting.



Here is the record.  Between 9:01 and 9:53 I called AT&T's customer service number, twice.  It does not appear on the call log.


Date and time Place called/Phone # Minutes/Seconds Call type Amount

10/17/12 09:53 AMALEXANDRIA/(703) 474-xxxx1:00OFNT$0.00
10/17/12 09:01 AMFAIRFAX/(703) 246-xxxx1:00OFNT$0.00
10/16/12 05:45 PMOCSDPDTN/(760) 725-xxxx2:00OFNT$0.00
10/16/12 05:44 PMOCSDPDTN/(760) 725-xxxx1:00OFNT$0.00
10/16/12 05:40 PMOCSDPDTN/(760) 725-xxxx2:00OFNT$0.00
10/16/12 05:39 PMOCSDPDTN/(760) 725-xxxx1:00OFNT$0.00
10/16/12 02:02 PMARLINGTON/(703) 627-xxxx2:00OFNT$0.00
10/16/12 08:43 AMBRUNSWICK/(912) 265-xxxx4:00OFNT$0.00
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Re: ATT Voice Plans


NOTE that there is a SEPARATE CALL LOG if you log into your UVERSE account and click on FEATURES and then CALL LOGS


This LOG seems to show ALL CALLS, whether billed or not.  It shows the 1-800 Calls and iIt also shows INCOMING CALLS as well.


Here is a portion of the CALL LOG reproduced below.  Note that compared to the BILLING LOG, this one seems to update in real-time.  It also shows both INCOMING and OUTGOING calls (see the arrow next to the headset icon).


It appears that incoming calls are NOT BILLED.


It appeasrs that 1-800 calls are NOT BILLED (if you are calling someone with an 1-800 number, use that instead of their toll number)


It appears that everything else IS billed, but that the billing log takes about at least a half-hour to log these events.


This answers a lot of my questions.



Quick Find:  
Name Number When LengthActions
 Unavailable703-474-xxxxToday, 10:12 AM0:08 
 Unavailable800-225-xxxxToday, 10:11 AM0:26 
 Unavailable703-474-xxxxToday, 9:53 AM0:41 
 Unavailable800-288-xxxxToday, 9:15 AM16:49 
 Unavailable703-246-xxxxToday, 9:01 AM0:06 
 WIRELESS CALLER202-695-xxxx10-16-12, 6:56 PM0:07 
 Unavailable760-725-xxxx10-16-12, 5:45 PM1:29 
 Unavailable760-725-xxxx10-16-12, 5:44 PM0:47 
 Unavailable760-725-xxxx10-16-12, 5:40 PM1:32 
 Unavailable760-725-xxxx10-16-12, 5:39 PM0:37 
 WIRELESS CALLER703-627-xxxx10-16-12, 5:36 PM0:29 
 Unavailable703-627-xxxx10-16-12, 2:02 PM1:14 
 WIRELESS CALLER716-481-xxxx10-16-12, 1:38 PM9:53 
 WIRELESS CALLER703-627-xxxx10-16-12, 11:42 AM1:34 
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Re: ATT Voice Plans

Nice piece of coding, BTW, to whoever did it. AT&T gets the technology, but not the customer service. It ain't GEICO!
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Re: ATT Voice Plans


I logged into UVERSE and under phone features, I found the answers to most of my other questions.   I can change my call forwarding without having to call landline and send a man out to the switch!  Halleujah!


I can also do call blocking and anonymous call blocking.


I also was able to TURN OFF my outgoing calller ID blocking as well.




I prefere to use my AT&T calling card for international calls (if you call overseas only occasionally, it is cheaper) so this prevents me from accidently making a $15 call to Canada (BTDT).


The website is great!  The folks answering the phones at 1-800-ATT-2020 on the other hand, well, need a reboot.


Forget calling CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Explore the WEBSITE first!

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Re: ATT Voice Plans

WHY are there contradicting answers in this thread, and what is the actual answer??


for a home phone connect by wire, not cell, does it or does it not count that incoming calls deduct


Which one is it?


almost every thread i go to here has contradicting answers & there is mass confusion, this isnt the only one


Answer please??

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