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AT&T uverse box came unplugged, and now won't work


AT&T uverse box came unplugged, and now won't work

Help! I accidentally unplugged my AT&T U-Verse cable box the other day from the wall outlet and now my TV won't work. There is a light on the box that just keeps flashing and my tv displays a blank screen with just like a cog/tool picture on it. I know it has to be the AT&T box because my TV works fine, and I can still hook my DVD player up. Anyone have this issue before or do I need to call AT&T? Thanks!

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Re: AT&T uverse box came unplugged, and now won't work

Depending on how your Uverse TV service was set up, it could be connected to the wall via a coaxial cable. Try plugging it back in on the wall and then press the power button on your receiver (cable box) for 5 seconds. It will reboot. The sequence is like this: 3 white dots, "Rethink Possible" then "AT&T U-verse" logo with a spinning circle. Just wait a few moments and it should get you to a screen that says "Press OK to watch TV". If you get the gear again, call 800 288 2020. Just tell the representative that you have a spinning cogwheel/gear on your TV screen. They'll be able to figure it out.

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Re: AT&T uverse box came unplugged, and now won't work

Hi Blackbr6,


I'm sorry to hear that your TV isn't working properly anymore but, I'll be glad to help you. Did the advice that les02jen17 help with the issue? If not, then please respond to the Private message that I'll be sending to your inbox and we'll move forward from there. Thank you! Smiley Happy

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