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AT&T routing issue between myself and my webhost. No help from AT&T.


AT&T routing issue between myself and my webhost. No help from AT&T.

I recently switched my website over to MDDHosting, and the download speeds from their servers have been horrible for me. But the thing is, they've only been horrible using U-verse. I talked to the president of the hosting company, who provided plenty of info proving that this is not a problem on their end, which is contrary to what AT&T has been trying to tell me over and over. I even tested it myself on my Verizon LTE connection, as well as a nearby Time Warner cable connection:

Time Warner - 2.5 MB/s

Verizon LTE - 2.2 MB/s

AT&T U-verse - 40 KB/s

That's right. My cell phone with half bars can download from their servers at 55 times the speed of my "business class" 18 Mb/s fiber connection. However, I'm not experiencing this problem with any other site. My Speedtest results are what they should be, and I'm getting normal speeds with every other site I visit (at least as far as I've noticed). This is what MDDHosting's networking department had to say about it:

"Based on the bi-directional pings, it looks like there's an upstream issue with AT&T in that area as that's where the latency seems to come in. To my knowledge, we aren't currently experiencing any network issues on our side. Notice that you still experiencing lost packets and latency increases when hitting AT&T from your traceroute which went across Cogent instead of Telia."

I tried explaining this to AT&T customer support on 5 separate occasions, through chat support and over the phone, and none of them would even acknowledge that this may not be a problem on my side or with the host's server. They also refused to give me any sort of contact info for someone above customer support, who may know what I'm talking about. It's extremely frustrating, and hopefully someone here can provide some better contact details or maybe shed some light on the issue itself. I'd really appreciate any feedback.

Also, I can post my traceroute to their server (and vice versa), if needed.


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Re: AT&T routing issue between myself and my webhost. No help from AT&T.

Hi roryt2000,


I greatly apologize about the inconveniences, but I will be happy to look into this for you. With you being able to access other sites with no issue, I would think that the issue would not be with our routers, but there could be issues along the routing path that our encountered when trying to access this server versus others. I will have our team send you a private message so we can look into this further for you.


-David T

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