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AT&T is horrible, all prospective customers flee while you still can


Re: AT&T is horrible, all prospective customers flee while you still can

I got rid of Uverse due to the high cost, but the other cable company is also pathetic.


I had an issue with the bill payment getting mixed up between my ATT wireless account and my Uverse account. It was a real mess and I ended up talking to a very rude "manager" at ATT, and I told them once my contract was up, I was cancelling Uverse to avoid any further mix ups.


The Uverse bill became scary and started to look as much as the mortgage payment, but I do not live in the TV, so I had to find a cheaper alternative.


Now I just have cheaper bad service with the other company.

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Re: AT&T is horrible, all prospective customers flee while you still can

ryobiman wrote:

oufanindallas wrote:

Does that mean I should drop my service that I've had for four plus years?  Your situation is the exception not the norm. 


 I would recommend that you send a private message to the escalation team at ATT Customer Care and someone will get in touch with you. Please include your name, account number, email address, phone number and the best time to contact you. Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time. It may take up to 48 hours for them to respond and please take into account weekends when contacting them.  


Customer care is not the same as customer service. They are a dedicated escalation team that gets issues resolved when other means have failed.


To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope.

I did as you suggested and sent a message to ATT Customer Care 3 days ago.  I haven't got a response, problem has only gotten worse.  Sorry, but if you have had good luck with these people, good for you.  I bet there hasn't been any problems with your line.  If that changes, you will find out what the rest of us are finding.  Customer support doesn't exist.  They will tell you whatever they think you want to hear, and run you around until they figure you just give up.

You replied to my post on the 29th, which was SUNDAY.  I clearly stated in my post it takes 48 to 72 hours to get a reply and to take into account WEEKENDS. 3 days would have been on Friday so you should recieve a reply either today Monday or tomorrow Tuesday.

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Re: AT&T is horrible, all prospective customers flee while you still can

I agree wholeheartedly!!! I could tell people a very similar, but far worse, story of my encounters with AT&T since I ordered their full bundle of services in Sept this year. I finally (3 ATT Field Techs later) on November 12th was saved technically by a 30+ yr AT&T employee (for a change!) and not a sub-contractor from a couple hrs away. Who, by the way, did nothing but signed my acct on to the internet. Didnt chck for issues, let alone wether or not it was working properly! Larry hooked me up right. First, he found the company had been working on the lines in my area for quite some time and that things were not set up properly in my home by the last rep! He left specific notes telling ATT NOT TO CHARGE ME UNTIL STARTING NOV 19th. He did do so as I confirmed that with a happy ATT cust svc rep on nov 19th. When I rec'd my first delinquent notice! In the middle of all this I spent approximately 25 hrs on the phone (thank heavens I held onto my veriz cell!) with ATT discussing my "delinquent" bill? on Nov 19th and then again in the beginning of December and today I officially am in arrears 3 months?! I cld rarely use my landline. Only rare out going calls. And was unable to use the internet at all until Nov 19th. But yep! The say Im lying and am delinquent two months and soon 3! Lol! Today, an ATT SUPV called me a liar! She tried to tell me that She showed usage in sept and oct! Thats completely impossible ! And nobody talks to me that way! Not when their company has already treated me like a piece of garbage! Ive been a loyal ATT customer for the better part of 35 yrs and I have had my last encounter with them. I am done and will never go back!
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Re: AT&T is horrible, all prospective customers flee while you still can

I have to add to the general din of complaints that AT&T service, in both technical and human terms, seems to be getting worse quite rapidly. You can see it in the overhaul of the public Web interfaces to their service applications... I don't know which one of the various usernames I should use, in which context, and when I think I've got it figured out, it turns out it's wrong. "Primary USER ID..." hmmm.... Well, this is what happens when you take wireless, voice, internet, and then throw in TV service and take 4 disparate and separate back-end systems and try to "Federate" them into a single whole... it comes out badly. For a while there, Yahoo had their finger in the pie and that just made things even worse.

And, trying to create a Community Forums account just an hour or two ago, the web page script tried to tell me the two password fields didn't match. I retyped the fields 6 times before I realized the error message was just BullS*** and I ignored it. Of course it was a red herring and voila! my account creation succeeded, but right there, that error message would have stopped Joe Blow or maybe Grandma from going any further in trying to log in and get support help. REALLY!!!???? Is this how ridiculously low-quality AT&T has become? The company that invented Long Distance, and the transistor, and the laser, and.... ?

Yes, I've been an AT&T DSL customer since I can't remember when. All I know is that I still have RG-58/U cabling for the Ethernet network I had setup in my house back then, so I could use Internet Connection Sharing... that's how long I've been an AT&T internet customer.

My general experience is that you can get lucky and have things running solidly at some point, and AT&T's experience in phone-system reliability of 99.999% will serve you well: stuff that works, keeps working. Occasionally, I had an outage, and with an extra modem on hand due to a lucky coincidence, was quickly able to self-diagnose a dead modem and just swapped it out. I'm sure if I had been Joe User and had called the support line, I would have been asked to do any number of things before the problem was diagnosed. The usual "try this, try that".

When you are not lucky, and something is broken, or stops working, getting to the fix can be very frustrating. Yes, it seems like techs ALWAYS arrive too late. Why have a four-hour window that you perpetually cannot keep to??? This is just an example of over-promising because a promise has to be made. It wouldn't do to tell the customer honestly "Well, you know, our techs just can't do that many service calls in a 4 hour window, and at the rate they usually go, we'll have to schedule your request for next Friday, 5 days from now". Nope, instead, they will give the customer a bull***t answer, ask the customer to stay home from work, shopping, chores, etc, and then NOT SHOW UP ON TIME.

Similar problems seem to be plaguing the UVerse rollout across the area where I live, which is the Monterey bay in Calif. Everyone I know who got forced to give up their traditional DSL service for the UVerse HSI (because the congestion was getting too much for them to handle) has simply pushed once happy customers into a world of crappy service, exacerbating their already-overwhelmed and under-achieving techsupport/field service department to the breaking point. Sorry to say, the competition, Comcast, is similarly unable to deliver on the promise of reliable, quality broadband internet . I just went thru a new service evaluation with them only to find the situation actually much worse than my UVerse HSI reliability.

I think the only way this is going to get better is when the providers start offering "gold level" services that charge more but promise concierge-level support and better reliability. You get what you pay for, and maybe we're just not paying enough yet for them to be able to handle the dramatic explosion in demand for these internet services.
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Re: AT&T is horrible, all prospective customers flee while you still can

My Dad has been an existing and reliable customer of AT&T for over ten years.

Feb. 4, 2014 my dad somehow got a virus on his computer. He called AT&T for help and instead of being treated like a valued customer, they end up conning him out of $120.00. After I spoke with AT&T informing them that my dad was not in the right mind state to handle this matter due to losing his mom a week ago  as well as suffering effects of having a stroke some time back. AT&T deliberately used my dad's sorrow and disability for financial gain.


Our Commitment to Our Customers

We follow ethical sales practices.

Our customers should always know we value them. We fairly represent our products and services to them. We listen to our customers, and challenge ourselves to find new ways to offer the best solutions available to help them communicate efficiently, sustainably, and safely.

We earn and preserve their trust by treating them with honesty and integrity and in a professional, courteous manner. We deliver what we promise. We do not provide goods or services that customers did not authorize.

Sometimes our customers are our competitors and suppliers as well. In those situations, we serve them in the same professional manner we would extend to any customer.






1:42 p.m. 02/04/2014First call to AT&T re: the virus issue my dad was having.

1:58 p.m. 02/04/2014 wrong dept. transferred.  Placed on hold for 20 mins.  Until I hung up.

2:25 p.m. 02/04/14placed on hold for 13 mins.  Spoke with customer service who tried to get me to purchase the $120.00 package plan. After declining  I  asked to speak to a supervisor.  I was placed on hold for 47 mins. Finally a supervisor came on the line only to inform me that my dad was not covered with the virus protection plan I was transferred over to tech dept. After explaining to Sheele (tech dept) the situation. She assured me that this matter would be taken care of as she was going directly to the supervisor herself.  Pete . with Customer Service. Sheele also told me that the supervisor I had previously spoke with misinformed me by stating my dad was not covered with the virus protection plan. He was covered.

(IN THE MEANTIME, AT&T CUSTOMER SERVICE CONNED MY DAD INTO PURCHASING THE $120.00 VIRUS PROTECTION. AFTER I INFORMED THEM THAT MY DAD HAD JUST LOST HIS MOM A WEEK AND A HALF AGO AND HAD SOME BRAIN DAMAGE DUE TO HIS STROKE) Ended up that customer service tech dept. coached him through removing the virus. This caused my dad to lose all of his files on his hard drive except the virus.

I drove from Sacramento, California to Grass Valley, California an hour and a half away and took the day off work to deal with this. The result had to spend $429.00 on a new computer for my dad.

10:15 a.m. 02/05/14No solution stated Pete  will be calling me

11:38 a.m. 02/05/14was told Pete  would call me back.

1:00 p.m. 02/05/14wrong department/transferred on hold for 9 mins. Spoke with a woman in customer service who said she was going to transfer me. Hold for 20 mins and the hung up on AGAIN!

2:42 p.m. 02/05/14Pete  from the Houston dept. called me and told me that he would call me back in one hour. With a solution and a refund of the $120.00. Along with compensation for our troubles.

2:52 p.m. 02/05/14 placed on hold after asking for Pete  spoke with someone that stated they would transfer me to Pete . Transferred and disconnected.

3:12 p.m. 02/05/14placed on hold for 9 mins. Disconnected.

4:21 p.m. 02/05/14placed on hold for 17 mins. Then disconnected.

9:44 a.m. 02/06/14placed on hold then disconnected after 2mins.

9:52 a.m. 02/06/14placed on hold for 14 mins. While being transferred then disconnected.

1:11 p.m. 02/06/14When I spoke this time with the rep. I stated my attorney was on the line. He verified and yet I was placed on hold for 1.35 mins and never picked up. I eventually hung up. Knowing my attorney was on the line this is how AT&T customer services handled it.

2:05 p.m. 02/06/14my mom and I called three way. Spoke with a nice woman in customer service who transferred us over to a different dept. who said she would cancel the service of $120.00 but that she would charge an early termination fee of $110.00 my mom said no let me talk to your supervisor. On hold for 20 mins. the supervisor stated she would refund $110.00 but would charge my dad$15.00 for the time the tech took to try and remove is virus. (WHEN THEY ONLY ERASED THE WHOLE COMPUTER DRIVE EXCEPT THE VIRUS) My mom told them that if that were the case she would cancel all the services including cell phone services. That is when I hung up and decided that posting this and reporting AT&T to the BBB would be the best way to resolve this.

At this point I expect AT&T to refund my dad the following:

 $120.00 they conned him into for virus protection plan.

$429.00 for a new computer.

[Legal discussions are not permitted per the Guidelines]



[edited for privacy]

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ACE - Expert

Re: AT&T is horrible, all prospective customers flee while you still can

I'm sorry for the loss of your grandmother and for your dad's condition.


However, AT&T is not responsible for your dad's PC getting a virus, and also not responsible for seeing to it that it get removed.  The ConnecTech service is a paid service to help consumers with PC problems, like virus infections.  AT&T does provide an AntiVirus package from McAfee for free, but (a) you have to have it installed for it to have a chance to work, (b) it doesn't always work, and (c) it's best effort and not guaranteed to prevent all virus infections.


The most I feel you should expect from AT&T would be a refund of part (maybe all) of the annual ConnecTech service contract they sold him.  The $120 less $15 is a fairly reasonable solution. However, given the extenuating circumstances you mention, I could see your point and were I an AT&T manager, I'd probably go for that.


Purchasing a PC to correct the virus infection was your decision.  Paying for an attorney for a case you will likely lose is also your decision to make.


You can try clicking this AT&T logoCustomer Service link to send a Private Message (PM) to the AT&T customer service team to help you resolve your request. You can expect a reply via return PM (the blue envelope envelope in the upper right hand corner of this site) in a business day or three.  They may be able to offer more than the people on the telephone, but I wouldn't count too highly on that.  In your situation, I'd take the $105 back and call it even.


*The views and opinions expressed on this forum are purely my own. Any product claim, statistic, quote, or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, or party.
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Re: AT&T is horrible, all prospective customers flee while you still can

After dealing with Uverse. I will never get Wireless Phone Service or Direct TV with them. I'd rather drop dead than deal with them. Wish we had more options.

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