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AT&T has stolen money from me for 15 months and no one can fix my ongoing issue.


AT&T has stolen money from me for 15 months and no one can fix my ongoing issue.

I have seen several similar posts on here about internet speeds being ridiculously low. At first I was on the 18mb package, and like several others, wired or wireless I could sometimes get speeds of 7-9, a lot of the times it would be 2 or 3. 


First off, before some ATT employee gets on here and tries to tell me how their system works, I want to say don't waste your time. I know how ATT's system works. Their setup is poorly done and Comcast will forever own ATT in the cable/internet business. 


I have seen an ATT employee here post that while watching HD streams, it takes away from your bandwidth. I have heard that one HD stream can take 4-7mb. Well, first off, if you have multiple boxes, ATT is stealing from you and the BBB needs to know all about this. I will explain in a second. Secondly, I have seen 3 cases where people have the 18mb plan and watch 2-3 hd streams at once and it doesn't affect their speeds at all. There has been times when my speeds were actually consistent and were not affected by the cable like ATT claims it will be. I think ATT techs just use this as a quick response to cover up the fact that they don't know how to fix the problem that I and several others are having. 


But first, let's call it what it really is. If you have a bigger family that requries 3-4 boxes, you are more likely to get the 18mb plan. So.......


a) If you are watching say, 3 streams HD at once, ATT claims that this could use 10-20mb right?


b) When they first installed at my house, I was told that the cable used that extra 6mb on the 24mb profile to cover it's use. So they lied to me to get me installed. Like I said before, cable tv using your bandwidth will break ATT one day. 


c) So, back to watching three streams. Watching this HD cable TV uses up all your bandwidth, then why is ATT making people pay for internet at all? So you mean to tell me that I am pay $56 a month for 18mb, yet cannot use any for gaming, downloading, surfing the web, etc, because my cable tv needs it all. So basically I am paying $56 for internet just to make sure that my cable works only. Yeah the cable that I am paying $150 for. So ATT basically laid it out like that. To me that should be illegal and theft. False advertising at it's finest. "Yeah, pay us $50 for internet to make sure the cable you are also paying for works". It's stupid. 


So i called last week because I had had enough. Tired of garbage internet speeds, tired of the dumbest, most ignorant automated phone system ever, tired of being sent to call centers in the Phillipines to handle my American cable problems, tired of all of this. The final straw was when they sent this inside tech to my house last Wednesday and instead of running a single test or checking anything, he just says "Your internet sucks because you watch cable TV" and left. 


So I call to cancel, and a women messes around with my wireless channel and gets my net running half decent. I consistently got 10-12mb for the last week. So instead of cancelling, they inform me that a 45mb package is now available in my area and set up the appointment for it to be installed. My logic is this: I know these liars won't get my net to pull speeds of 45 and will blame the HD streams as much as they can, but with 45 the cable can no longer be an excuse. I should at least pull 30mb all day long. I have seen other people on 18mb pull 19mb all day long, with all tvs running. 


So the guy comes out here today, takes 6 hours to do this install and guess what? My internet speeds are now worse than they were this morning before the install. 45mb plan and I can pull 13mb wirlessly. 


I did hardwire one PC and it pulled 37mb one time and gradually went down while being hardwired. I ran tests on multiple laptops, smartphones, PS3, PS4, changed the wireless channel, etc and nothing stays consistent. My speeds are still garbage wifi, and when hard wired, they improve, but are still nowhere close to what ATT guarantees. 


ATT told me when I had 18mb, that they guaranteed 15-16 all day. I've never had that. I have had this service for 15 months. I have had 21 people come out here and NO ONE CAN FIX THIS PROBLEM. Today they were running tests on the line and they would come back good, good, good, bad, good. It's like there is a consistent problem in the line. Everything is so inconsistent with wifi and hard wire that no one can figure this out. I have no hope in ATT. The first month of my service when I could cancel at any time, they were out here every day. Since I became locked in, they could care less. One guy who has no idea what he is doing followed by another. 


So there is a bridge tap on line 1 and it is scheduled to be removed tomorrow. But still, should I be able to pull full speeds from the clean line?


I have missed many days of work, spend hundreds of hours, dealing with over 50 people at ATT from customer service to inside/outside techs. And not one single person knows what is going on and can fix this issue.


They made all the excuses in the world when I was on 18mb and now on 45 they have none. I know they had to hook up 2 pair of lines to get the 45 going, and I am certain the guy used the same first pair that was hooked up on my 18mb package. So that line with the bridge tap could be the problem, but I doubt it. 


For 15 months I have paid for internet speeds that I am not getting. They guarantee these speeds but are incompetent when it comes to fixing this issue. They got another guy coming tomorrow and he has been instructed to replace every line that has anything to do with my account. There is something going on here. 


I had ATT Uverse before when it was new. And at first back then, my internet was working fine and pulling great speeds. One day it started getting real low and inconsistent. So I left and went to Comcast. Came back to ATT and that same issue is still present. My internet speeds will jump from 37 to 25 to 21 to 15 in back to back to back tests while being hard wired. Wifi, currently, I can pull 9-12 consistently. I could only pull 9-12 on my best days with 18mb, now I am on 45mb and I am still pulling the same. 


I have the NVG589 modem and there is 5 set top boxes total. No more than 3 are on at a time and only 3 are HD ready. Only 2 watch HD. So there is 2 hd boxes hardwired and one ps3 hardwired. I have 2 wireless, non HD boxes that plug into the modem. That is my current setup. No battery. My laptop I use wirelessly, 5 feet from the modem and can only pull 9-12 and every now and then, mainly when ATT is testing or working on it, I will pull 18-19 a few times. Like today I pulled a 37 one time. So I am getting the speeds every now and then, so it is possible. I just cannot get them consistently. I don't know if there is noise in the line, if the bridge tap is causing this, or if ATT is just killing my speeds purposely and screwing me. 


Everything is supposedly good up to the side of my house. And they still see issues in the line. So I don't get it. Is there anyone at ATT who knows enough to come fix this problem? Do I need a whole new wired setup? I had a racoon in my attic that could have chewed on some wires, also had a hole in the roof from a fallen tree and water got inside the attic. Don't know if either of those things could have damaged a line coming into the house.


Anyone have any input other than how ATT stupid "cable using the bandwidth you pay for" ruse. 


Something is a major problem and has been for 15 months, yet no mind at ATT is capable of fixing it. It blows my mind. 

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Re: AT&T has stolen money from me for 15 months and no one can fix my ongoing issue.

sherwindu, What "Chicago servers" are you referring to?  Can you give some more details?

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Re: AT&T has stolen money from me for 15 months and no one can fix my ongoing issue.

Do not feel alone. We have been subscription holders of Uverse almost since the inception here in Sugar Land. We left Uverse one year ago and switched to Comcast for the higher internet speeds. We enjoyed the internet speeds, no hicups or issues with speed, but the quality of our television image was not the same. The level of attantion or service was very different (AT&T wa better). So sadly we switched back to Uverse, with the understanding that within my area the speeds were being worked on to incease them by the end of the year upward of 45-75Mbps. I signed up again, payed my contract cancelation with Comcast and here were more than one year later (after my return) and still have same 25Mps. The to top it off, pixelation, loss of wireless receiver signal, inablility to view shows without having to restart both boxes. we are extremely dissappointed with Uverse and should another avenue become available other than Comcast, we would definately jump IMMEDIATELY. All we are asking (and by appearance of other forum posters, honest responses, and true speeds & service) is for AT&T tto provide this upper echelon of customers the services promised by all media ports (sale-persons, phone service reps, news, advertisements, etc).


GIVE US THE SPEEDS, SERVICE QUALITY AND ATTENTION, and not a run around by passing issues around until most fo us give up.

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