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AT&T Uverse is a big scam. They are prob stealing millions from unaware people.


AT&T Uverse is a big scam. They are prob stealing millions from unaware people.

I have posted to these awful message board about 4 times. All of the "experts" around here post basic links or instructions to get in contact with ATT. A solution that solves nothing. 


Let me explain. AT&T has a major issue with their service. Main issue being that they cannot deliver the service you are paying for to a lot, if not most, customers. 


Here is my story, for the past 16 months I have had this garbage called Uverse. I paid for 18mb for 14 months and the internet speeds were extremely inconsistent and way too low. AT&T sent over 20 techs out to my house causing me to lose over 2 weeks of paid working days. Now.....

-Each time, the tech would find something new wrong. I always wonder, why didn't the very first person find this issue and that issue.

-Over the course of 25 visits, hundreds of hours on the phone with customer service and trying to navigate through the insult to humanity called the ATT Uverse automated system, they manage to make every excuse and have replace every single device, piece of wiring, switch, etc. And nothing has made my service any better. 


So. Aside from wasting my time and stealing my money, all I learned was that AT&T has no business being in cable tv. And definitely have no business charging someone a dime for it. 


I have searched through countless forums and message boards and I am not alone. SO many people are having the same issue as me. Painfully slow internet speeds, inconsistent speeds, etc. So painfully slow THAT I CANNOT STREAM A MOVIE WITH MY 45MB PLAN.


AT&T's final solution was to upgrade me to a bonded pair and upgrade to 45mb from 18mb to try and make my service better. Their solution was basically to steal more money from me.


Here is some things I have learned.

-WAY too many people have this same issue.

-Only the download speeds are bad, uploads are always good. Which leads me to believe that people's service is being hampered by other people in the area. That their entire system isn't good enough to provide all their customers the speeds they are paying for. They will lie and say it is, but it's not. Prove it.


They have sent so many people out to my house. I was constantly getting errors in one of my lines. They replaced it, they have replaced everything. It is no better. Techs come out here and spend 8 hours and literally give up. Because they see like I see, that ATT just cannot provide what we are paying for.


Here is some more points

-They don't guarantee wifi speeds. Why? I think it's because they know their modems are 100% pieces of junk. I can sit my laptop right next to the modem and run a wireless test on 45mb with NO tvs on and get a 4. On any random channel.

-Speeds get better at certain times of the day. 

-Right now I am paying for 45mb, and hard wired I can only get 30mb on my best day.

-They claim I am getting the speeds up to the gateway, yet for some reason it drops 30 mb from the modem to the devices. 


I think it's either purposely being capped lower and bottlenecked by ATT. I have caught ATT people in so many lies over the past 16 months that I cannot trust anything they say.


On December 28, my cable went out and I called in. This guy said there was an outage in my area. So I called back to verify this because he sounded like he didn't know how to count to 3 and what happened?? The next guy I talked to said I had an issue in one of my two lines. There was no outage. So some clown at ATT just flat out lied to me. Not the first time.


But here is the big problem I have with ATT, aside from the fact that their cable service is actually starting to affect my life. And aside from the fact that I have to call in once or twice a week and have spend prob 1000 hours on the phone with them, aside from the fact that 20+ people have came to my house for 8 hours at a time and fix NOTHING.


Think of how many people whos speeds are broken/low/inconsistent and don't know about it. Like your average people who don't know much about the workings of ATT UVerse. The people who are paying for 18, 32, and 45mb and aren't getting anything close and they never know because all they do is surf the internet.


How much money is ATT stealing here?


And why is AT&T charging people for Cable TV and High Speed Internet individually? Why? Why is ATT charging people for internet at all if the Cable TV requires the internet to work? IT'S A SCAM.


Why hasn't someone taken this to the higher courts. Believe me, I have a pending case with the BBB right now. Because I don't think it's fair. You mean to tell me that I have to pay a ton of money for Cable TV and that the cable I am paying for, is using all my internet bandwidth???...THAT I AM ALSO PAYING FOR. They claim that they give you extra mb for cable, but I think it's a lie. Call any ATT tech support number and they will all give you different numbers as to how much MB each HD stream takes up on your TV. But the consensus is around 4-5mb. And on NONE of their service packages does ATT give you the extra MB to cover 3-4 TVs that a normal household has. 




Why are your speeds low? They will literally tell you that your TV streams are causing it. Keep in mind that I don't think this is the main problem. The main problem in my opinion is that AT&T cannot handle the number of users in big areas like the one I am in. So we all suffer and overpay ATT for numbers that they aren't delivering. I DARE ONE OF YOU EXPERTS TO SAY I AM WRONG. They have replaced every single piece of wire and other hardware at my house and nothing has changed. I pay for 45mb and I get 15-20mb on a hardwired text, 4-9 on a wifi test. It's junk. I am smart enough to know that wifi won't be as great, but when I am right next to the router, it should be more than 9mb. Give me a break. I am not stupid.


But back to the main scam here. Your average person thinks that the internet they are paying for is only for their own internet uses such as online gaming, netflix, web surfing, etc. But no, a lot of it is being used by the cable TV that ATT is also charging you for. This is what ATT says themselves.


This is like a car lot selling you a car, then charging you another dollar for each mile you put on it. That's how stupid it is. And how they get away with it, blows my mind. How can you legally charge someone for two seperate services, yet one of the services uses the resources from the other.


Keep in mind, everything they say at ATT is bull. But really, so you mean to tell me that ATT KNOWINGLY....repeat, KNOWINGLY goes into homes and installs 4 cable boxes and a 12mb internet package? So by their own logic, when those 4 tvs are on, it will use all the bandwidth that the consumer is also paying you for?


Again, I don't know how much cable streams affect the internet speeds. No tests I have done give a correct figure that matches what ATT says. I think ATT is no different from Comcast in a sense that 75% of the people that work for them don't really know enough about the ins and the outs of the service to be handling customer relations. Remember the old days when people used to know everything about the things they sold?


I am fed up though. AT&T's cable service just doesn't work. And to be honest, I don't think Uverse will be around in 20 years, regardles of whatever amazing things they claim they are going to do in the future. They are burning bridges now by overcharging people for a piece of crap service. 


I have paid for 18mb for 14 months and 45mb another two months. And I have never got speeds acceptable for those tiers. 


It's ridiculous. People need to be aware, that you may not be getting what you are paying for. No one should have streaming problems on a 45mb plan. No reason for it. So any of you experts anaylis is not needed. 


These people have wasted so much of my time and money, THAT I WILL GET TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS. If it's the last thing I do. I am going to save someone a lot of money and headache. No matter what you have heard about Comcast, go with the company that has been doing cable tv a long time. Trust me.

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Re: AT&T Uverse is a big scam. They are prob stealing millions from unaware people.

So go ahead experts. Post some link to some direct group of techs that are over qualified and will certainly fix my problem and make my internet speeds what I am paying for. 


Or please explain to me why my upload speeds are perfect both WIRED and WIRELESS. Yet my download speeds are nothing close. Got to be because all the Uverse users are cannibalizing each other's service.


Don't bother with links or numbers to customer service. I know how that goes. I call, they say "well, to figure it out, we have to get someone out there". Let me tell you, my wife will not tolerate at 27th ATT tech coming to my house. You get it? You would that that 1 in 27 people could have fixed it if the problem was capable of being fixed and not just a scam.


They have had plenty of chances to fix it and they can't. It's a problem bigger than anything around my home. 

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Re: AT&T Uverse is a big scam. They are prob stealing millions from unaware people.

Yeah, I didn't read past the first 3 paragraphs but I have a question.  You've had enough problems to write a short story. Why do you continue to deal with Uverse?  Why don't you cancel and try another provider (ie: cable, satellite)?  You're past your 12 month contract (if you had one).


If I had had as many problems as you, I'd have cancelled long ago and given my business to either the local cable company or even installed a satellite dish.

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Re: AT&T Uverse is a big scam. They are prob stealing millions from unaware people.

I seriously doubt if too many people read your novel, but after the first 2 paragraphs I stopped since you are obviously wrong.


"Let me explain. AT&T has a major issue with their service. Main issue being that they cannot deliver the service you are paying for to a lot, if not most, customers."


That is quite the inaccurate statement.  While you may feel like you are getting the short end of the stick, AT&T has almost 10 million internet customers and while a small percentage may have issues, the vast majority  do not have any issues and get what they pay for.  If you are trying to judge based on messages in these forums then your data is worthless.  The number of people that post in these forums represent less than 1% of AT&T UVerse users


So as was asked in the previous post, why are you still with AT&T? 

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Re: AT&T Uverse is a big scam. They are prob stealing millions from unaware people.

I would have to ask as have the other two in this forum, why would you continue to use the service if it's as bad as it has been for you?

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Re: AT&T Uverse is a big scam. They are prob stealing millions from unaware people.

I have to call AT&T every three months because their service begins to drop off. Their system is so pathetic that on their end they claim that I'm getting 9 Mbps of download when I'm not even getting three.  They didn't want to send out a technician because on their end they claimed that I  was getting what they had promised which was a huge lie and the technician could see that when I did a speed test. I am disabled and feel like they take advantage of the lower tier internet that I pay for. The AT&T system is broken if they can't even see the actual download speed their customers are receiving. 

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Re: AT&T Uverse is a big scam. They are prob stealing millions from unaware people.

Not everyone has access to other internet companies.  I will 100% use their competition called Cox Communications when they wire their services across the street to my home. Everyone in this city admits that Cox Comm is the waaaaaaaaaaaay better choice to go with!

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