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AT&T Uverse Needs to train Customer Service Better - Resolution Times are HORRIBLE!!!


AT&T Uverse Needs to train Customer Service Better - Resolution Times are HORRIBLE!!!

Whoever manages Customer Support for UVERSE should be FIRED. This includes whoever is making the design decisions on the support system the representatives use.


Two separate calls form my basis. Being a brand new customer to UVERSE for about two months now, and a long time customer of DirecTV and DISH (which is not "stellar"). I easily can say UVERSE has the worse trained customer service representatives in the industry. Add on top of that, that they seem to have a tough time working through the computer systems due to very artificial limitations.


Call 1: Faulty DVR. It was power cycling automatically - meaning probably corrupted firmware or hard drive issue. Not rocket science. Two splash screens, OK to start U-verse, 30 seconds, then auto-restart --- BAD BOX.


Elapsed Time and Outcome: Over 1 hour... maybe almost 1.5 hours. Had to give them the DVR model # 3 times, took 20 minutes to look up my account. Rep was reading a prompter and never handled this before it seems. I don't work there and I already knew they had to replace the box to fix since this is a cheap quality equipment - compared to the DVR's provided by DirecTV and Dish. Even though the systems were clearly described - and I had made sure to have the box off for 48 hours in case it was an overheat issue (again a *very cheap quality box*) - the rep could not "skip ahead" to resolution - but literally had to walk through a ridiculous amount of steps (which he already had the answers to in the first 5 minutes of the call - since I knew exactly what the only possible resolution was prior to the call). I found myself repeating things at least 3 times. Bad customer service would be 30 minutes to address this straight forward call. AT&T Uverse was over 1 hour. "WORLD CLASS FAIL". Was it resolved?- well still waiting for the box - see next call to understand why.


Call #2  I tried to use Channel 9910 to upgrade to add a soccer game on Univision Deportes and needed to go from U200 to a higher package... "error" in the system forced me to call Customer Service. I got a cup of coffee, went to the restroom and braced myself for the next experience.


Elapsed Time and Outcome: 46 minutes. It was simple - " I need to get this channel please, please get me cheapest package upgrade that includes this channel". Issue was system and training related. I was on hold at least 6 times for long periods of time. Apparently Call #1 (which was done 1 day before) - and the order of a replacement DVR interfered with Call #2 - Upgrade package. What? Why? Rep was trying to help, but shackled by system and training. I asked for a supervisor immediately, since she offered to work on it off the call and call back (thanks for the offer, but my trust needs to be earned). She said I had to wait for the DVR to be received and activated before the upgrade order could be processed since the order sytem can not "stack" (this means it cannot do more than one thing at a time). They eventually figured out that they need to process one order (the upgrade) before the DVR replacement. Funny thing is that the DVR was supposed to arrive the day of Call #2 - so if it really is shipping, they have to cancel and re-order the shipping? Anyways - 46 minutes to process an upgrade package and now I have to wait for the DVR (which was supposed to arrive the same day as Call #2).



Training needs to be based on real-world situations - I would think package upgrades and equipment replacement are relatively common issues to plan for and that are experienced. 


AT&T - a phone company - doesn't even have HOLD MUSIC to give you a clue that you are still on the line with the rep, just pure VOIP silence.


I think everyone would expect a package upgrade is no more than 15 minutes. And equipment replacement - troubleshooting - no more than 15 minutes, and finalizing resolution is 15 minutes.


Anyone competent could get a standardized 10 minutes to do the upgrade: 2 minute goal of establishing account info, 5 minutes discussion options, 4 minutes to process the order.


DVR replacement could be done in 25 minutes: 2 minute goal of establishing account info, 5-8 minutes getting description of issue (use a non-linear problem tree interface based on symptoms for agents), 10 minutes validating/troublshooting problem and then 5 minutes processing replacement if no solution.


I could name a dozen people more competent than AT&T Customer Service Managers/Execs that put the UVERSE process together. Ridiculous.

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Re: AT&T Uverse Needs to train Customer Service Better - Resolution Times are HORRIBLE!!!

Hello ddw360,


My name is Morgan, I'm one of the U-verse Community Specialists. I'm very sorry to hear about your recent frustrating experiences with customer support. I was able to locate your U-verse account and I have verified that everything is now set in place correctly. I see that the order for the TV package upgrade is completed and the order for the replacement DVR is pending delivery.


If you ever have anymore issues with your U-verse service in the future, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention here in the community and we'll gladly lend a hand to ensure you reach a resolution. Thank you for choosing AT&T Smiley Happy


- MorganCS

- ATTU-verseCare

If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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