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AT&T U-verse

I have had it deal with the same answer for 3 years now… I'm extremely frustrated with this company. I never did anything wrong to you guys!  OK, i USED to be a at&t DSL customer, until I was told DSL was being removed from my area due to U-verse replacing it.  I liked hearing that U-verse was coming at first!  So 6 months later my DSL went I a standstill and was painfully slow and unusable and contantly disconnected.  So I cancelled my DSL and went to this awful company called exede satellite until U-verse would become available.  I was told multiple times that I would be able to get the 6mbps U-verse plan.  Well that Was a big LIE!  ALL of my neighbors were eligible for 768kbos U-verse.  Ok… let me say something right now.  What's the point if bringing U-verse when my neighbors have 3mbos DSL?  Who wants slower internet?  Even though DSL was to a crawl it was still stupid.  Neighbors could get it, intfront of me, behind me, and on both sides of me.  Like I've told AT&T countless of times I am on the same wire/telephone pole as my neighbors.   But AT&T says I'm not.  Doesn't make any since cause if I was on a differenT line that is about 4 miles down the road and that's a different phone compAny, so I gave up on that deal.  I couldnr get U-verse but everyone else could.  SO FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!  Then, in late july uverse magically disappeared… now no one could get it.  2 of my neighbors have been pulled by AT&T DSL because of the upcoming "U-verse expansion" that never happened. I get countless flyers in the mail saying I can get U-verse.  Lies lies lies!!!!  No cable here, no DSL, no U-verse!  Just Verizon LTE and satellite!  ALL HAVE SMALL CAPS!!!!  Expensive!!!  I need help!  I'm tired of the same dumb answers AT&T keeps giving me!  I've gotten to the point where I AT LEAST want a 1.5mbps connection!!  Pleas!  I need someone to help me.  I'm on a 10GB satellite monthly cap and paying $65 a month for it!  Then when I go over I get slowEd to 80kbps.  DIAL UP SPEEDS!!!   I'm just asking for some help here!  I need internet!  Please AT&T please!!  How hard is it!?  And by the way!  A tech came and installed U-verse in a road FARTHER down from me and that person on the website could only get 768kbps BUT the tech somehow got 1.5mbps!  And now that address that has U-verse right now says they can't get it!  See??  There's a big problem here!  I need answers!  Clear answers!  Ones that actually make sense!  And I do live in the country but I know I can get U-verse!  IT IS POSSIBLE!   AT&T just wont make the effort!  Please somebody help me get these people to get me some decent internet!

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Hi austin_spiller1…,


I apologize about your experiences in attempting to get the U-verse service, but I will be happy to look further into this for you. I will have someone from my team send you a private message to gather more information.


-David T

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