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AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill


AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill

AT&T is incorrectly charging me $149 for U-verse Installation, which I did not have done.  When I initially ordered U-verse, the AT&T service rep screwed up the work order, so a technician showed up expecting to install it for me.  I told him I would install it myself, and so he did not perform the installation.  He said these mistakes happen all the time, and he then called AT&T to have them correct the work order, but they told him it was "too late."  The technician emphasized that I should not be billed for the installation, since he didn't perform it, and that I should call when I got my first bill and explain.  When I did this, the nice woman I spoke to said she couldn't help me, but offered to "escalate the dispute."  I had her do this, but then AT&T simply refused to make the correction.  Any ideas how I can convince this company to remove this $149 for an installation I did not order and which they did not perform?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Re: AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill

Send a PM to Alex who is an AT&T Community Manager on this forum.


Also, check the settings on your account to make sure that you will receive email notification when a PM is received on this forum.

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Re: AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill

We have the same problem with ATT billing. We had ATT come in to fix a problem where the DVR/modem was automatically rebooting. They sent a technician in the first time, the technician replaced the modem and said that the signal was weak outside and would send somebody out there to fix that. A week later, when customer service called me and asked if the problem was taken care of, we said no, that problems still persisted. The second guy came and did a series of things including some stuff outside and unplugged our modem and plugged it into another room in the house. The problem is better now but we still seem to have issues with our receivers rebooting sometimes when we try to play them. We were charged a total of $220 for a new computer outlet and a new TV outlet neither of which was installed. When we called billing, they claimed that that was what the invoice said and there was nothing they could do about it. Really? No calls to the technician to find out why the invoice said that, no confirmation on whether we were billed correctly or not, no investigation - instead a rude balnket statement to the effect of sorry - too bad, you have got to pay. I have asked for a manager to contact me - I have not heard from anyone yet. I hope ATT will resolve this problem satisfactorily.


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Re: AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill

The solution for you is the same as for the OP: Please click on this link to send a PM to Alex, one of the AT&T Community Managers, for further assistance.  Include your account information in the PM and let him know what your issue is.  He has been able to help many that have gotten nowhere with the normal support channels.


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Dropping internet connections

We have had several technicians out to fix our problems regarding the dropping of connections to the internet. While these have helped some, we are still having issues with the Xbox (which requires a steady connection to the internet) staying connected to the internet. As a result, my kids cannot play on the Xbox - a service that we pay for now. Also, in some areas of the house, the wireless network is not available and we have to go to 3G and use up our data. Is anybody having this problem?

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Re: Dropping internet connections

I'd recommend starting a new post with that information. The last post on this thread was from Octobor '12. Also, your issue is not a billing issue.

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Re: Dropping internet connections

power outlet internet adapter
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Re: AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill

I had a similar situation happen to me last month. I got rid of my AT&T U-Verse cable because it didn't seem to work well in my neighborhood, yet the technicians could NEVER find anything wrong with it when they would come out for service calls. In going to another cable company, I was able to bundle by existing U-Verse internet and was given a very good deal on a one year discount for doing so. As the customer service rep for the cable company told me, there is nothing that needs to be done since I already had U-Verse internet in my home. Nonetheless, a service technician called me on my cell at work four days later saying he was at my house to install the internet service. I explained I already had internet and that I also did not set up a service appointment on a Tuesday morning when I work Mon thru Fri. The technician left the package at my home (the internet equipment) and said that from his tests I had no internet in my home. I got home that evening and indeed AT&T had turned off my internet service. The technician left me his number and he actually came back and hooked up the equipment. I was more than hot as I had not canceled the internet in the first place. Within a week I get a bill for $308.00 for install and equipment. I called about the charges and was told I had two active accounts at the same address with AT&T and I shouldn't have been given the second one (the reason the technician came to install internet as if this was a new address). I was supposed to be credited the amount of install and equipment. This only took an hour on the phone explaining it to 3 different people, the second one being crappy when it came to customer service. In essence, I still have not received the refund, and I have tried to check on it with AT&T's award winning crappy customer service agents that talk over you as you're trying to explain the situation.  This company sucks and if I can find a reputible internet company that serviced my area, they would not have my business at all.

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Re: AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill

I had something similar happen with ATT Uverse.  I ordered service, then ended up cancelling it before the service was ever connected due to a long string of difficulties.  I have ATT wireless for my cell phone, and I went to add a line, and they told me I could not because I had an outstanding bill for two months of service.  I have called everywhere in ATT uverse and they will not cancel the bill.  I've been an ATT cell phone customer for a very long time - since 2003.  At this point, I am wanting to cancel my contract and go with another carrier because I can't do anything with my phone due to the Uverse bill that I don't owe, and will not pay.

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Re: AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill

I tried to contact Alex but he doesn't exist. This is typical I'm finding out, the black hole, and passing the buck. And what's with managers refusing to give their last name? See below. I tried to send this to Alex. This is the worst customer service I've experienced for a long, long time. It's become harrasment combined with rudeness and inefficiency.  


On 10-17-13 I signed up for U-verse. On 10-21-13 I discontinued service due to the slow upload speeds. I was assured there would be no charge. I sent the equipment back on 10-25-13.

I received a bill a while later and called customer supprt, and talked to Gloria. No last name. She saw the discrepancy and 0'd out the account. She said there was no charge, and the equipment had been received. 

Now yesterday I get another bill for $103.79. I go to the corporate store in Rancho San Diego on Jamacha in San Diego County. The manager doesn't understand the issue but 0's out the account. He won't print me a copy. He refuses to give me his last name. All I get is Calvin B. 


I don't want any more bills. And specifically no past due charges or other escalations.


Can you help me out here?"



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Re: AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill

HI jeffrito,


I am sorry to hear of the problem you are having. 


The earlier reference to contacting Alex is over a year old and since that time the procedure has changed.


I would recommend that you send a private message to ATTCustomerCare.   They are generally available between 7am-10pm CST and should be able to help you.


Remember to always mark posts that resolved your issue with Accept as Solution. You can even mark multiple posts in a single thread. This will help other users find this information too!  Use the Kudos Button to offer a thumbs-up for good content.

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Community Manager

Re: AT&T Refuses To Remove Incorrect Charge From My Bill

Hello @jeffrito 


I'm very sorry for the issues you're having with AT&T. We can help you with that! Like Phil suggested, please send a message to our ATTCustomerCare team by clicking here. Please include your first name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Let me know if you have any questions.




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