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What a DISASTER this U-verse still is!. Technician came to my home to install u-verse on phones and internet at 8:30am Monday. Supervisor came about 12:00 to assist. At 2:00 I was advised that u-verse is NOT compatible with my home phone system. Then told that I will have to call AT&T land lines to have phones transferred back to land lines since they had been disconnected. Called number given to me by supervisor and was told to call another number. This kept going round and round. Then I was told Tuesday morning from someone in southwest Georgia that I would have a technician at my home NEXT TUESDAY to install phones. After much screaming on my part, and speaking to two other supervisors, they then said Wednesday. Well, phone werre reconnected on Wednesday. BUT, no call forwarding, no long distance, even intra-state. They do NOT know what they are doing.  Then, I receive a bill for u-worse service for $305 and I do not have any u-worse service.

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So do you have internet service? Or no services were installed as your post talks about phones
Do you have an alarm system?
Do you live in a single family home, apartment or condo complex?
Do you have a door king or similiar system (have to buzz someone in, uses phone line)

Am sorry to hear of issue, if original install tech disconnected service should have been abe to restore same day.

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Click on the hyper link in my sig and you will be taken to AT&T Customer Care's profile.  Send them a PM with your info and the issue.  They are an escalation team that is higher than regular Customer Service, who can help you get this resolved.  They will reply to you via PM as well so watch the blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification, as they will reply to you via PM as well.

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