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AT&T Customer Service Unable To Remove Erroneous Charges

AT&T Customer Service Unable To Remove Erroneous Charges



On May 7, an AT&T Customer Service rep offered me free Installation ($99.00) and free Internet Gateway hardware ($100.00) plus a $100.00 gift card to switch from AT&T POTS and AT&T DSL to U-Verse voice and internet service.  On May 12, I went to the AT&T web site, made a PDF copy of the U-Verse order, and confirmed that I was to receive free Installation and a free Internet Gateway.  I.e. the U-Verse order has a line item stating "DSL to U-verse 100% off Full Tech Install" followed by "-$99.00" (minus $99.00) and a line item stating "100% off Internet Gateway" followed by "-$100.00" (minus $100.00).  Based upon seeing this, I had my POTS and DSL service changed to U-Verse on May 13.


After the installation was completed, I received a preliminary invoice in the mail telling me that I was going to be charged $199.00 plus $5.33 in taxes for both the Installation and the Internet Gateway hardware on my first U-Verse invoice.  I logged onto the AT&T web site and, sure enough, it also said that I was going to be erroneously charged $204.33 on June 10.  I called AT&T Customer Service on May 20 and spoke to Sandra who agreed that these charges were wrong and told me that she was removing them.  On May 23, I logged onto the AT&T web site, saw that nothing had changed, and called AT&T Customer Service again, this time speaking with John.  John told me that nothing had been done to reverse the charges, that he agreed these charges were wrong, and that he would be removing them.  I logged on this morning and, sure enough, the amount I owed AT&T had still not changed and nothing had been reversed!


Is there anyone at AT&T who can do more than pay me lip service and actually remove these $204.33 of erroneous charges before I'm billed on June 10?  I still have the PDF copy of my U-Verse order clearly showing that I was not to be charged for these items and would gladly email it to anyone at AT&T who could help!

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Re: AT&T Customer Service Unable To Remove Erroneous Charges

I would recommend you send a private message to AT&T Customer Care using the link below.

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Re: AT&T Customer Service Unable To Remove Erroneous Charges

MicCheck wrote:

I would recommend you send a private message to AT&T Customer Care using the link below.

MicCheck - I sent a private message, was contacted by AT&T (thanks Rydell!), and the erroneous charges have finally been removed from account.  I can honestly say that this process worked!  Thank you!!!

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Re: AT&T Customer Service Unable To Remove Erroneous Charges

Sending the private message ( really worked!! You may need to register for this forum, but, it. is. worth. it. (or, at least it was for me)


I had a similar situation where my account was "not really" cancelled when I requested it and when ATT said it was. Over the next two months I kept getting billed even though my account statuses showed the landline cancelled.


I spent ~5 hours over the course of those two months trying to get the situation resolved: one manager gave me an extension that was worthless, and another guy promised to call back but never did. Last month they finally cancelled the account for good, but still could not waive the 2 months worth of charges.


I sent a private message, received a reply in less than an hour stating the problem was corrected, then the rep called me the next day and explained what he did and where the others had failed.


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Re: AT&T Customer Service Unable To Remove Erroneous Charges


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us @zacharysyoung !



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Re: AT&T Customer Service Unable To Remove Erroneous Charges

being overbilled in many DIFFERENT levels.. so far I have spent 19 hours of my time on phones with att reps.. first sales who sold a product that is impossible to install on my farm.. then trying to get at least something that works.. and keep getting billed for your experiments to cover my needs with inferior, inadequate equipment. I am owed about 1000 in overcharges.. I doubt I'll ever collect because I paid someone to handle my affairs after I became a chronic pain patient. having to come out of retire ment to deal with crooks like att is a sad state of affairs. One cannot trust this company to bill truthfully at any time. read every line of every bill you get.. I bet there are mistakes on over 50% of them consistently. I have been constistently over the years overchaged for disconnected phone lines, double billed for internet.. double billed for inside wiring maint... it goes on and on and on... 

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