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AT&T Customer Service Reps...

AT&T Customer Service Reps...

Why are all these reps trained to deliberately lie? 


I was trying to get their internet service but all I get are lies after lies.


I literally talked to 8 representatives and all 8 have lied, exaggeration. 


These guys are the worst of the worst, never dealt with a company where all the sales reps and customer service reps are taught to lie.  No matter what!!!!


From this experience, I will cancel my AT&T wireless service also. 


How does a company like this stay in business? 


Wait, it's a monopoly.  ::roll:eyes::


I will never spend a cent on this crap company ever.

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Re: AT&T Customer Service Reps...

What is it your trying to do?  Do you need assistance with something or did you just want to rant?


Since your the only one that knows what your talking about, it's hard for anyone to offer assistance.

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Re: AT&T Customer Service Reps...

One, we are not all liars. I understand that you may have negative experiences with some reps, please do not give a blanket generalization on all att CSR's. We are not all bad, trust me. I work with some great agents. Two, we are not a monopoly. The definition of monopoly:

 Exclusive control  of a commodity or service in a particular market, or a control that makes possible the manipulation of prices.


We do not have exclusive control of any of our services in any area we provide service.

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AT&T, Run By Bunch Of Clowns...

Since when does setting up an internet connection cost $200 and 3 weeks?


And everytime I talk to a customer service rep, story changes every time.


What a company.  I will never use this crappy company ever.   


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