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ADSL2+ (probably need to speak to an employee)


ADSL2+ (probably need to speak to an employee)

Hi I have a couple ADSL2+ modems one of which is the Motorola that is still sold thru this site. I do not want to buy a new gateway or combo unit as I 1. want to use my own router and 2. don't want to spend $100 upfront or $7/month.


How do I sign up for just ADSL (used to be called DSL Direct) service? Probably 6 or 12Mbit? I can PM my address if necessary. I'm willing to pay to have my house's service drop replaced if it needs to be done, I have already run Cat5e from the demarcation box to the jack which I plan to connect a DSL modem to. I know there must be a way to resolve this.....plz help!

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Re: ADSL2+ (probably need to speak to an employee)

First, when inputting your address into online ordering, does it state Uverse is available? Is tv service available.

If Uverse is available, then DSL is not offered.

if desire DSL service need to check with other local suppliers.

If no IPTV service availability, then adsl2+ circuit using the purchased 510 RG (you have on?).

For sake of completeness
If yes IPTV service availability, then vdsl circuit....internet only or internet/voip desired.
1) less than 2200 feet on FTTN, single pair requires purchased 3600 or 5031, either $100.
2) less than 3500 feet on FTTN, single pair requires purchased 5031, $100
3) greater than 3000 feet, FTTN, bonded pair, requires leased 589, $7 per month.
4) POWER (45/6), FTTN, less than 2200 feet, bonded pair, requires leased 589, $7 per month.
5) FTTP, fiber to premise, ONT install, requires leased 3800, 3801 or 589, $7 per month.

All Uverse installation requires Uverse RG for authorized access, may place your own unit behind in DMZ or IP pass through.

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Re: ADSL2+ (probably need to speak to an employee)

no IPTV service here. again i don't want gateway functions


if its ADSL2+ then any ADSL2+ modem will work, right? sounds like in my area ATT just relabeled DSL to uverse but nothing has actually changed.


how do i do this with just modem-only functions from the gateway? can I disable ALL router functions of the 510 RG and just use one of the ethernet ports and let my own router perform DHCP?


I see a post like this, but for a different gateway:


does the 510RG have something like DMZPlus or "bridge mode", "IP pass through" A.K.A. the ability to disable DHCP and just send the WAN IP thru one of the gateway ports?

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Re: ADSL2+ (probably need to speak to an employee)

No.  Uverse service requires an AT&T provided RG, which can't be totally bridge (though putting the device in IP Passthrough or DMZplus mode is close).  For consumer purchasable RG's you may be able to acquire one that originated from AT&T via some other channel and get it activated.

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Re: ADSL2+ (probably need to speak to an employee)

wow, 38 1-star reviews.


alrighty i'm sticking with cable. not interested in adulterated internet box that can't be bridged. thought i'd check out ISP alternatives but not with a piece of junk like this gateway.


thank you to all who provided info to helped me avoid making the wrong decision. likely when ATT updates their device's firmware to support bridging or starts selling a non-gateway device I'll consider them again.

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