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A satisfied new Uverse customer


A satisfied new Uverse customer

Your care and support employee , Charlie did a very good job in helping me with my account being a new Uverst customer.  He was so patient with me.  Thank you Charlie. 

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Former Employee

Re: A satisfied new Uverse customer

Hello, BBoomer!


Thanks for posting. We love hearing about our customers' positive experiences with our reps! If you have any more information about Charlie, please let me know via private message so I can share your comments.


In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you around the forums!



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A satisfied new Uverse customer

The kind of service that your reps like Charlie is what giving ATT a much better image than the competitor.  My  suggestion is that ATT should train their customer service employees on how to give excellent service and at the same  time sell  your products .  I was talking to my neighbor  the other  day and  she told  me  that  she ready  to  leave the competitor and switch.  And  also please  there should be  transparency when one is signing up.  Let  the customers  know  right then and there about those extra fees like making a deposit  when one does not  have a perfect credit.  Not everyone I am sure that wants to get Uverse has perfect credit but making a deposit of $499 would  make it harder for them  to  get  Uverse.  Try  talking to t he customer  about  making  payments  on  the deposit I am sure  that they will  be happy  to  do  it.  

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Re: A satisfied new Uverse customer

make sure you let his supervisor know Smiley Happy

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Re: A satisfied new Uverse customer

Hello ATT Uverse and  thank you for the rewards card that I got in the mail  today.   Were it not  for it I would  not be able to upgrade my plan  and  my phone at my current wireless provider.  Too bad your wireless department  cannot get my business.  I really had a bad experience today and was about to switch to ATT wireless were it not for this lousy customer service given  by one of your employees.  All is well that ends well.  

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