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95% of so-called fiber optics change overs are still copper wires

95% of so-called fiber optics change overs are still copper wires

It is my understanding that AT&T UVerse is being very deceptive in their marketing ploy in that they brag about modernizing our phone systems to fiber optics but what they fail to tell us is that fiber optics normally only goes to the Central Office, and if you're the blue or grey metal box on the sidewalk called an SAI (Serving Area Interface) which is where all the local loop (copper wires) from the subscribers are connected to the equipment that connects to the Central Offices located, usually, miles away. Only about 5% of homes and businesses get fiber optics right  up to their premises. Since they have not eliminated the source of most line problems, the copper wires, you will likely still experience slow or noisy internet connections. Those 5% that may get new fiber optics right up to the premises are new construction homes. They will likely experience very good conditions without all the other problems. And they will pay the same fees as those who still have copper lines and very poor performance. If you pay for 12Mbsp and you have fiber optics then you may very well get 12Mbps but if you have copper your performance will be degraded to somethng less the 12Mbsp..often by as much as 50% all depends on the distance you are, using copper lines, from the Central Office ...or the SAI.


I just don't like the AT&T UVerse marketing ploy...they are not very specific as to what changes will be made...will I get an FTTP (Fiber to the Premises) or FTTN (Fiber to the Node)..Node=SAI or what? Their marketing ploy reminds me of the Mafia.


Don't get me wrong..I am all for fiber optics...I am just not happy with the marketing deception and copper lines. I understand that Verizon FIOS all have fiber to the premises and do completely away with copper. And Google Fiber Networks is just getting started but looks to beat the pants off of anyone else..but unless you are in Kansas or Texas, where Google is starting up it's fiber optics networks then you're out of luck. If I am to switch over to AT&T UVerse...I want FTTP and nothing less.

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Re: 95% of so-called fiber optics change overs are still copper wires

You can escape the early termination fee by simply signing up for normal services at normal pricing.
When you sign up for a promotion you agree to a certain term (6,12 or 24 months) in exchange for maybe
free installation (normally $149), reduced rates on selected plans (some up to $61/ month) and maybe even a $100 gift card.
If u300 with Max Plus free install, $61 month savings equals $881 over the course of 12 months. (No gift card)
Reject all that and just do a pay as you go month to month with no cancel ($180) fee

After your promotion ends, you are automatically placed on these normal price structures with NO termination fees what so ever, so just start there to begin with.

Now many do contact retentions after their promotion ends,
Entering into another structured agreement with the early termination fee applying if cancel service(s) before contract expires.
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Re: 95% of so-called fiber optics change overs are still copper wires

What would it cost to have FTTH installed?
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Re: 95% of so-called fiber optics change overs are still copper wires

Someone was looking for information regarding FiOS expansion.  Try here:


I have seen a statement that Verizon had committed to completing a rollout within NYC, but without a deadline.


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Re: 95% of so-called fiber optics change overs are still copper wires

Speaking of fiber... I have fiber right to the curb, but because AT&T won't upgrade the equipment I am stuck with fastaccess (yeah right!) 6 meg dsl. I never see anything over 5.7 megs and the upload is only 430 kb! Most of the time I'm lucky to get 4 megs. AT&T is ruining their reputation by being cheap here in ex-bellsouth territory. I'm so aggravated that I'm ready to take all my family's services including wireless elsewhere. They need to get their butt in gear because if I do in fact have to go through the trouble of switching, I won't be coming back.

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Re: 95% of so-called fiber optics change overs are still copper wires

There absolutely is deception by the door-to-door uverse sales staff that have visited my home, repeatedly (at least half a dozen times) over the past year. Maybe not in terms of the fiber-to-node issue, though I do think they are misleading in that regard.


They will never tell me what speed they could actually offer me, just buzz words "well actually we can provide super-turbo Max internet speeds here thanks to the state of the art technology we just installed, while your Charter internet is using the outdated copper wiring" 


Almost every one of hem has flat out lied to me after being told I am completely satisfied with my Charter service, and have been since we first subscribed about 12 years and 2 moves ago. From telling me that (and any other site I decide to tell them) is owned by Charter and designed to show the speed I pay for, to telling me my neighbor at X address claims their Charter service was only delivering 20% of the bandwidth they were paying for (which I confirmed to be a lie with my neigbor who I happen to be good friends with). 


After I tell them I will, under no circumstances be switching to AT&T for fiber-to-node service, most of them have gotten an attitude with me; "well I was going to save you money and get you better service and a free TV but I guess I'll just be doing that for your neighbors." One approached while I was in the yard kicking a soccer ball around with some friends and when I immediately told him I wasn't interested in their fiber service, he launched into his sales pitch at the curb anyway until I had to explicitly ask him to leave as I was trying to enjoy some time with friends. He started to walk off, but turned back after a few steps to shout "I was just trying to save you money but I guess you're one of those that know everything and refuse to be helped, huh?" 


I have had it with AT&T's sales team, especially considering our entire family has AT&T cellular service... I feel like I am paying to be harrassed and abused by these people. 

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Re: 95% of so-called fiber optics change overs are still copper wires

I guess I am one of the lucky few who qualified for fiber to the premises when I signed up about a year ago. At the time I had Directv for television programming and Comcast 50 Mbps Internet service. I was not happy with Directv but generally pleased with the Internet speeds from Comcast. When AT&T called on me, I told them the ONLY way I would switch is if they could save me money and promise me comparable Internet speeds. I was skeptcal that they could do that but they were running a price promotion with rebates and verified that they could run fiber to the premises thus delivering their 45 Mbps class of service. I am happy to say I do routinely get 50+ Mbps speeds. What I am dissappointed about are the occasional system outages that brings down my entire suite of services. I have had 2 outages in the last month that exceeded 3 hours each. These wer not on premise but rather area outages affecting numerous customers. On top of that I can't even watch programming on my DVR while the outages are occuring beacuse of digital rights management. I'm basically off the grid. At least when heavy cloud cover eliminated Directv signal I was either able to watch pre-recorded material or stream something through Comcast. It's very frustrating. If it weren't for the outages I would be a happy camper.

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Re: 95% of so-called fiber optics change overs are still copper wires

I have the elite uverse internet, which is 6mbps over copper wire to the house. I am getting 7.7mbps with speed test

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