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800 number robot greeter not helpful


800 number robot greeter not helpful

it takes to long to get to speak to someone live. I do not like "chat". Robot greeter needs to be simplified.

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Re: 800 number robot greeter not helpful

What I do when I call ATT is after I confirm I am a customer and made my request to which department I want to reach.  I press the zero button and then I get placed on hold for a live human.  It usually takes me about 2 or 3 minutes dealing with the voice recognition system.  Your hold time may vary though.

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Re: 800 number robot greeter not helpful

When calling our customer care number, 800-288-2020, the first thing it should ask for is the phone number on your account. It may even recognize the number you're calling from and ask you if is the number on the account. If it's the first thing, either say or enter your U-Verse VOIP phone# (if you have the service) or the primary contact number on the account. This system will then recognize your account and give you another prompt. If it's the latter and if it is the number on the account, say yes, if not, say no and key in the correct number. Once you get to the next prompt where it asks the reason for your call, don't be to lengthy with your request. If you want to make a change, say something like 'change service'. If you want to discuss your bill, say 'billing'. If you need tech support, say 'tech support'. Hope this helps.

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