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5031NV and unmanaged switch with NAS,


5031NV and unmanaged switch with NAS,

Recently got Uverse installed with a 5031 NV Modem / Router. Can't get any unmanaged switch to get internet traffic nor can I get my  I get my nas to send data over it or get my google voice to work or the ATT microcell to work either. I have several Trendnet TEG-S80g or TEG-S50g unmanaged switches / hubs and a linksys gigabit switch.  I had no issues connecting my nas, other media devices, tv's, att microcell, and google voice with this setup hard wired with Comcast / Xfinity. But after I got Uverse internet with this modem. everything went to crap and I can't see anything different.  spoke to several people at ATT online and on the phone and they said my unmanaged switches should work. well it plain doesn't.  Hope for a resolution as ATT is sending out a tech this weekend but would like to resolve this earlier if possible.  If I can't get this resolved by this weekend guess I will just need to cancel ATT and call comcast since I can't get this to work.

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Re: 5031NV and unmanaged switch with NAS,

Can you post a pic of the Att router and switch currently hooked up? That way I can see it visually.
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Re: 5031NV and unmanaged switch with NAS,


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Re: 5031NV and unmanaged switch with NAS,

it is connected via etherenet cable from port 3 off of the router to port 1 on my trendnet unmanaged switch.  i have several switches all daisy chained around my house.  allows me to play video games, send stuff to watch to my tv's via dlna etc.  i know for a fact it isn't the wiring or these hubs /switches because I've used it with comcast with their motorola sb6120 modem and linksys e4200 router and it all works fine below the trendnet is my nas.

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Re: 5031NV and unmanaged switch with NAS,

After re-reading your earlier posts, and the new post, I can say that my home network is not that far different from yours, other than that mine works.  I have a collection of Cicso (managed), and Linksys, Netgear, and Dell unmanaged switches, not to mention a few NAS devices, a Roku, etc. all connected to these switches which are connected to various LAN ports on my 2Wire 3600 RG.


Since you say it was all working before the switch to U-Verse, I am going to bet it is something as simple as an IP address conflict or configuration issue.  IIRC, the default IP Address for the AT&T RG's is  From my previous experiences, the default for may other providers it, so if you have your devices configured with the wrong "Default Gateway" then nothing would route to the internet properly.  I would start by connecting a computer directly to the RG and get an IP Address via DHCP to see if it works or not then go from there...

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Re: 5031NV and unmanaged switch with NAS,

yes i have my pc connected to the att router / modem as that is the only way i get internet on 1 device. the rest doesn't work.  as far as resetting the ip address on the att router gateway i tried it but it doesn't work.  at this point an att tech is supposed to come over tomorrow and fix it. if it don't work then I will just cancel cause this is just ridiculous.  i don't believe if everything is set to auto dhcp that I should have to interfere with any device what so ever.  when my stuff was working before the only way it was managed was directly through my own personal wireless router and it worked fine.  i even reset all my devices a couple of times to test it to work but it still doesn't. there has to be something blocking it or some way att is putting their net neutrality on this stupid device.

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Re: 5031NV and unmanaged switch with NAS,

well after all the fun still needed att tech to come out. replaced and reworked another modem. but finalized that the pace 5031NV does not like daisy chains over 3 hubs.  resetting nid or whatever the guy did at the box and playing with 2 different sets of uverse router / modems we finally got it resolved and working doing a bit of rewiring so I can finally get every area with a hub /switch working and bam it all works. only took 3 tries by att techs, 2 free netgear hubs and switches and another 4+ hour billable hour guy to come out which I believe the tech really did an awesome job!

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