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45 mbps installation misery in Miami


45 mbps installation misery in Miami

I am a longtime At&t customer in Miami, Florida and I am having the absolute worst experience as a result of trying to upgrade my U-verse service to the new 45mbps tier of service.  Be careful what you order... the issues created by my installation persist and no one appears to take responsibilty.  Does anyone know how to reach someone with authority that can process a trouble ticket and see it through?  Here's my story...


In mid-September I noticed that at&t was offering the 45 mbps service while paying my u-verse bill online.  The website advertised that the service was currently available in the Miami area and I quickly called to order.  Upon speaking with the representative, I was informed that the first available time to upgrade my service (for pair bonding and delivery of new NVG589) on a Saturday would be in four weeks because they are "very busy."


When installation day finally arrived, the u-verse tech showed up on time and seemed to be knowledgable about what he was doing.  Because I have coax and cat 5 cabling in my home, the location of the RG had to be changed because, according to the tech, the NVG589 operated differently from my existing RG.  That issue resolved, the tech proceeded to spend the next several hours attempting to finish the install and get the 2 VDSL lines to sync properly.  Eventually, the tech informed me that he had completed the installation, but due to a supposed problem with my inside wiring, I was only able to obtain 24 mbps of speed on my 45 mbps service (read: same speed but increased price), but I did somehow have faster uploads.  In support of his claim, he showed me a random post on this website that spoke of the red and green lights on the output of the NVG589 RG (the back).  He also noted that he was not familiar with the coax splitter that was used in my initial uverse installation and that this splitter may be "causing interference."  He offered to swap out the "questionable" splitter, but then realized that he did not have any replacements in his truck.  At this point, it was nearing the 5 hour mark since his arrival and I reluctanly accepted his statements about the unfortuately slow speed.  


Several days later, while watching television, I began noticing that the broadcasts would sputter and interrupt, an issue that I never previously encountered.  The problem motivated me to call customer service and schedule a repair appointment, which was available from the automated system for the same day as my call but with the latest window beginning at 4:00pm.  This would require me to take off work, but after waiting a month to upgrade my service, I was now stuck paying for additional internet speed that was not being delivered and television service that no longer works well.  


At the appointed time, a crew of two u-verse tech appeared at my home to work on the service.  I immediately explained the situation and suggested that there could be a issue with the pairbonding at the neighborhood box since the wiring in my home is relatively new, I've had uverse since moving in, the tv service worked before the "upgrade" and the upgraded speed was never demonstrated sucessfully.  Apparently not wanting to follow my suggestion, the techs immediately began focusing on the coax splitter, which they said could be the problem. Of course not, Next the techs commenced repeated calls to their home base to purportedly run tests on my lines/setup.  After several hours, of walking back and forth to the outside wiring box, the inside wiring and the neighborhood junction box, the problem was found...it was an issue with the port at the neighborhood box. Unfortunately, however, because it took several hours to investigate the obvious issue that I suggested upon their arrival, the issue would not be able to be fixed today because the techs needed to issue a ticket for a lineman to fix the port and they stop working at 5.  Disappointed, I waived good-bye to the two u-verse techs and prayed that the service would be working soon.  


Within minutes, my prayers were answered and an att tech showed up who told me he was the lineman there to fix the port issue.  Because he was in the area, he told me that he picked up my ticket even though it was after 5 pm.  After explaining the problem, he told me that he would have to go back and forth from the outside box to the neighborhood box to fix the problem, and then would advise when he was finished.  He estimated that it would take approximately a half-hour.  Well, an hour and a half later, I noticed that I hadn't seen the tech for a while.  I figured that I would test the service and see what kind of speeds I was getting...whoa...I was receiving the 45 Mbps speed that was advertised and I was a happy camper (so what if the tech failed to advise when he was leaving, I had my speed).  


Then I tried to use my at&t landline and I no longer had a dial tone.  The lineman, when fixing the internet speed, somehow disconnected my at&t landline at the neighborhood box.  Since this guy never came inside my house at any time, this had to be the issue.  Simple, right?  At&t u-verse has to fix a port at the neighborhood box in order to complete a speed upgrade but somehow forgot to reconnect the At&t landline service when he's done.  I immediately called u-verse from my at&t cell phone to report the problem and request that the damage done by the installer be undone.  By this point, I had immediately requested to speak with a manager at u-verse customer service to make sure that the dispatch ticket properly explained the issue and caused the right type of tech to be dispatched.  The manager told me he understood exactly what the problem was and would clearly document it.   


At the appointed time for my this (my 2nd repair needed as a result of my upgrade attempt), a friendly but seemingly novice u-verse tech arrived.  He had no clue why he had been dispatched to my location.  After several hours, the tech determined that my dial tone was no longer at the outside box at my home and he couldn't find it at the neighborhood box.  After repeated calls to his home base, he was told that he had to generate a ticket so that an at&t pots tech could fix the problem.  Unfortunately, because it was a Sunday, my dial tone could not be fixed today, but he promised that the line to my home was clearly labeled at the community box so I would not have to miss more work to allow the pots technician to complete the trouble ticket and get my dial tone back.  According to the u-verse tech, the pots guy would just need to run a wire at the community box, but this was something that he's not allowed to do.  I would have my dial tone the next day before 5 pm.  


That is today. Around 9 am, I received a call from the pots tech saying that he was on his way to my home.  After explaining that I was not planning to be home all day since I was told that he could complete his task without me having to miss work again, the tech told me that he just needed to work on the boxes outside.  After 5pm (the time my ticket was promised to be completed) I returned to again find no dial tone, or any message from the tech.  I called the uverse tech who submitted my pots ticket to check on what happened and was told that he (the uverse tech) could not understand what the pots tech wrote on the ticket, except that the issue should be fixed in 2 more days.  Not willing to accept that questionable information, I contacted at&t landline pots customer service (which is not an easy task in and of itself) and was told that my ticket was not addressed because the pots tech couldnt get access to my home.  I then explained the issue to the representative and inquired whether any of the details about my issue actually made it into the initial ticket...no she said, there was nothing about what had happened or that the tech only needed to bring the dial tone to the outside box.  She added this information and re-scheduled me for tomorrow between 9am-6pm.  


I then called back the u-verse tech and requested his supervisor's number so that I could at least attempt to have the landline division and the u-verse division of at&t communicate to get my situation resolved.  This tech had done a great job helping, but it was clearly an issue that was beyond his competency.  I've now left a message for the supervisor, and have not heard back.  I don't have any confidence that I'll ever hear back.  I am stuck in a wasteland between at&t landline pots and at&t u-verse.  The u-verse division caused the problem but is not ensuring that it's fixed.  The pots division has no idea what the u-verse people did to my phone service and expect me to wait around all day for them to appear.  This is absurd.  Does anyone have any suggestions???  Should I contact the Florida Public Service Commission?


I am paying over $225 a month for u-verse, around $40 for pots landline and another $200 and change for at&t wireless. This situation makes me want to pull the plug on all of it.  I feel like at&t sold me a 45 mbps service that they knew they weren't sufficently trained to deliver and support.  Now I'm suffering the consequences.  I'm paying for services that aren't being delivered and nobody seems to care.

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Re: 45 mbps installation misery in Miami

Sorry to hear of your issue, but for reference sake your pots issue was not caused by a Uverse tech based on your post, which states the Uverse tech put a ticket in for a line tech (POTS tech) to address a port issue. The line tech most likey moved did a port swap, moving the uverse output signal connected to your feed, not realizing you had POTS phones which would have required rewiring the crossbox to accommodate.

As your in the southeast (old bell south region) the uverse techs are now supposed to be doing work in the cross box based on recent new union contract.
As this was exclusive to line techs before new contract, and many uverse techs have yet to be trained in how to do the new work produced your issue.
The problem is further complicated by the fact after the line man you were calling uverse when you should have been calling POTS repair.
A uverse (wire) tech dispatched on your request, showed up but not aware of how to resolve your issue at least left you with a contact number.
When a ticket was created for lineman (2nd), with no access to verify at home address he returned the ticket, as required...all repairs require someone 18 or older to be home, and have access to inside wiring and equipment. You should have been informed of this and make arrangements to either be home of have a family or friend be there to allow access.

Install delayed 4 weeks cause you only wanted install on a Saturday (Friday, Saturday) two busiest days, maybe install earlier if a Monday to Wed, chosen.
Install home run can only be cat5, previously had coax diplexers, RG location moved to accommodate, below expectdd speeds when completed.
After install freezing/pixel on tvs, tech(s) verified inside wiring,ran various tesfs on outside wiring, determined problem, created ticket for line tech helper.
Line tech moves your feed to another port, updates records. Fails to notice pots (why not voip for phones?), tvs solved, HSIA speeds solved, pots disabled.
Incorrectly contact Uverse support for POTS issue (instead of POTS repair), novice tech refers to outside line tech.
Outside tech dispatched, on pre call inform tech no one home for access, tech returns ticket, no work done.
Now have new ticket for tomorrow, hopefully a POTS tech ticket and NOT a uverse ticket...this is also issue in CA where uverse techs just starting to work outside of home.
In the southwest (SBC) and midwest (Ameritech) the uverse techs have been doing this work since 2009, each region is different, each contract is different.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon, just need the right tech (POTS) with the correct assignments, who can verify service inside home.

Bonus: example of wiring
Original single pair with POTS, f1. 358. To Vrad In 1945. To VRAD OUT 1045. To f2 803. 358.....1945 and 1045....803
1st line tech moved your VRAD OUT but not the VRAD IN to match. Now maybe. 358....1945 and 1068....803
The POTs is on 358 being placed on uverse line, combined then goes to house so now need. 358....1968 and 1068...803
The VRAD IN needs to be same pair as VRAD OUT, and tech needs to know your original phone in connection ie uses 358.

Hope this helps to clarify issue, again no fault anywhere just things changing as before new contract uverse tech only worked at house, and line techs took care of everything else, now inexperienced and possible untrained uverse techs in SE being asked to work in unfamiliar territory, I sure creating issues that line techs are having to go behind and fix resulting in multiple tickets to resolve, but problem is resolvable.

Remember POTS issues DO NOT CALL UVERSE, wrong tech dispatched, takes longer to get right tech dispatched...if VOIP call Uverse.
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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Former Employee

Re: 45 mbps installation misery in Miami

Hello, miaconnection!


I'm so sorry to hear about your U-verse upgrade experience. If you don't mind, go ahead and send us a private message by clicking here so we can investigate further and get this sorted out.


Please include your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. Keep an eye on the little blue envelope in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns, and I apologize for the confusion and inconvenience!



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Re: 45 mbps installation misery in Miami

You hit the nail on the head...problem finally solved but customer experience was absolutely miserable.  When the second pots tech arrived he never entered my residence and fixed the problem from the crossbox.  


But, I expected better from at&t and also because of the premium pricing for these services.  And, I don't feel that I should be required to play intermediary between two divisons of at&t. None of the uverse supervisors contacted me back or even offered to credit me for the time that my services were down.  They should have taken ownership of my upgrade order and seen it though using whatever internal channels they have.


One other thing, your post seems to overlook the fact that the pots repair department is very very difficult to reach.  You can't call 611 with no dial tone.  I have at&t wireless and whenever you call pots repair line the automated system attempts to route you to wireless repair even if you enter the pots number.  There's some kind of poor fallover implementation.  Hence the choice to initially contact u-verse repair.

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Re: 45 mbps installation misery in Miami

I am glad your problem(s) are finally resolved.
I agree ones expectations determines ones overall satisfaction, and hopefully your experience was the exception.

In regards to your last comment, please forgive, I am a Uverse tech in the Milwaukee area, I am not aware of how customers would normally contact POTS repair, as all our requests for outside line tech assistance is via ipad ticket creation and not a phone number.

Again, happy to hear of service issues resolved, if desire credit for down time, need to contact billing as Uverse techs and managers cannot adjust bill.
If myself or others can be of further assistance, please post again. THANKS for sharing.
Employee Contributor*
*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: 45 mbps installation misery in Miami

I had a similiar issue when they took one of my land lines for the second pair for the 45 meg.  I was able to chat the with a boss two levels above the Uverse installer and she knew the answer.  It was my F1 jumper at the ATT box. When the lineman came to fix the problem the only thing he needed was my AT&T Uverse 9 digit number which was on AT&T side of the network box so he could find the correct pairs. Once he had that he fixed the F1 which was pinned incorrectly and voice was back up.  This could not have happened if the installer and his boss who both showed up since i was only the seventh in his area to get this service.  They left their contact info and I was able to reach their boss who knew the answer.  the 800 number is waste of time.


Got to come up with a better way of getting to the folks who really have the answers and not listen to folks who weren't born before I started in data processing building my own pc's.

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Former Employee

Re: 45 mbps installation misery in Miami

Hello, mdparkhill!


I'm sorry that you had such a hard time. We do appreciate your feedback about customer care. If you have anything to add, feel free to message me, and I will forward your comments to the appropriate channel.


As always, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I look forward to your continued participation on the forums!



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