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(3801HGV and EA6500) I'm out of ideas, please help!!!


(3801HGV and EA6500) I'm out of ideas, please help!!!

Please be patient as it may take a little bit to explain.


I am currently running my 3801HGV as router 1 and my linksys EA6500 as router 2.  I rather use my linksys EA6500 to handle eveything, basically have a configuration like if the 3801HGV didn't exist.  I like the idea of having both 5Ghz and 2.4 Ghz bands, guest network and also AC compatibility.


What I've done is connect one of my 3801HGV's LAN Ports to my EA6500's WAN Port and followed the instructions from the second post.


The only thing I changed was the internal routers IP address from a 10.X.X.X to a (preference thing) address.  Everything is working fine both LAN and WAN etc.  I couldn't be any happier.


Here is my issue.  I am running a virtual sytem on my computer (vitualbox 4.2.18) and I'm having some issues.  My host OS is Windows 8 and my guest OS is Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.  The domain of my server is but I can't seem to access it.


I used to have time warner with the same router and everythign worked fine.  I can't really mess up the router configuration on the server side of things because the OS handles the router configuration automatically.  The OS states that it is successful in configuring the router but I still can't get to the domain.  The issue started once I began going through this two router setup.  Any ideas?

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Re: (3801HGV and EA6500) I'm out of ideas, please help!!!

I am not going to pretend that I totally understand what or why you are trying to accomplish but I have a couple of thoughts I want to share.


First, I am assuming that all other connectivity works; your browser, email, and so on.


1) Check router logs for any hints

2) Check firewall. Perhaps something is being blocked that should not. The easiest way is to briefly turn off firewall and test but then quickly turn it back on.

3) Configuration issue. Automatic configurators always make me want to manually check what was configured to make sure the most correct choices were made.

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Re: (3801HGV and EA6500) I'm out of ideas, please help!!!

Hi jcmorales85,


I am not 100% familiar with this either, as I have not used it before. The only things I can think of is trying with your computer connected directly to the 3801HGV and putting the computer in DMZ mode to see if you are still encountering problems. If so, there is an issue with a configuration in the linksys router. 

Other than that, with your domain, I was not sure how that worked. Is that your own personal domain. If so, the PTR records may need to be updated as your IP address to your server has changed.


Hope this information helps.


-David T

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