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3600HGV bridge mode-Necessary to change FW DMZ setting for all devices?


3600HGV bridge mode-Necessary to change FW DMZ setting for all devices?

Once you add a router(e.g., WRT54GL) behind 3600HGV, it gets an IP address, you select that device in 2Wire FW settings / Applications, Pinholes & DMZ.  You check DMZPlus mode, then disable 2Wire FW settings & save - as outlined here


To allow the FW of router behind the 3600 to handle FW functions of all devices connected to the router, must FW settings in the 3600HGV, be changed for each device the 3600 shows (though ALL devices now connected to secondary router)?


I'm concerned about 2 FWs being active.  Yes, the router selected in 3600 FW page, then put in DMZPlus mode, has 2Wire FW function for the 2nd router is turned off.  Other devices - connected to WRT54GL (& shown in it's routing table) - are still listed on the 3600 FW page. 


If I click any other listed devices in the 3600 (computer, printer), it still shows them w/ setting checked:

"Maximum protection - Disallow unsolicited inbound traffic", NOT the DMZplus mode.


Don't know how the 3600HGV "thinks" about this.  If once the 2nd router is selected, put in DMZplus mode &  2Wire FW settings are disabled for the 2nd router, then the 2Wire doesn't provide FW functions to ANY devices connected to secondary router


Or... do the other devices also need to be put in DMZplus mode, one by one in 3600 FW?



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SOLVED_3600HGV bridge mode-Necessary to change FW DMZ setting for all devices?

Once selected the Linksys router ("unknown002..." device) & put in DMZplus mode in the 2wire FW, it shows for the router: "allowed applications" - "All."


Solution - to get 3600hgv NOT to show devices that were now connected to secondary router, was to hit "Clear Devices," on the 2wire LAN page.

NOTE:  On that 2wire page, it DOES SAY you probably shouldn't "clear devices" unless instructed by (support?), or similar. 


That cleared all devices shown in 2wire UI, but no longer connected to it, except the active Linksys router, now in DMZplus mode.


Since I knew the Linksys was only device connected, I was comfortable hitting the clear button on the LAN page.  If you don't know what you're doing, ask before changing anything.


Apparently, the 2wire keeps & displays info about devices that ONCE were connected through it & shows previous settings.  It also had a "hide inactive devices" button, which hid all devices, except the Linksys router. 


The fact that 2wire FW still showed computer, printer, etc., as being FW protected, was spurious info - as they were inactive.  But it doesn't automatically drop inactive / disconnected devices from it's data base / GUI.





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