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3 out of 4 TV's will not work.

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3 out of 4 TV's will not work.

3 out of 4 TV's will not work. They keep cycling through the rethink possible the TV comes one for a minute, shuts down ans cycles the boot up process again and again. i have reset them, unplugged them and even gone to the basement and rest the entire system.  The one had gears on the screen for a bit then went right back into cycling through the boot process again.  Any ideas??

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Re: 3 out of 4 TV's will not work.

Suspect the 3 are on coax, the one working is either Ethernet direct connect or wireless with WAP on Ethernet.
If this is true can try unplug stbs, factory reset RG, plug one stb in allow to box, green link light does it work?
If yes rest should follow.
If no, issue is either RG OR coax HPNA(connectors, wall plates, non compressed ends, splitter).
Call for tech visit, if RG non billable...if inside wiring (coax problem) billable.
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