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3 of my 5 Uverse boxes are just rebooting over and over, internet also not working in those rooms.


3 of my 5 Uverse boxes are just rebooting over and over, internet also not working in those rooms.

FIRST OFF, would someone please tell me why these forums keep telling me to select a board to post to, then when I do and hit post, it just asks me again and doesn't actually post?? Is everything at AT&T broken? Seriously.


Today I developed another major issue with my terrible Uverse service other than extremely low download speeds.


The cable and internet isn't working in any room other than the room that the Main DVR box and Gateway is in. There is a room to the side of the main room that has one wireless box and it is working. These two are up stairs. The wireless internet is also working as good as it always has, which still isn't right, but it's working. 


In the room across the hall and two rooms downstairs, each of the cable boxes are just rebooting over and over. They will reboot, play some cable tv for about 10 seconds, then cut off and reboot again. The internet is doing the same. It will work for 10 seconds, then go out, then work, then go out. One of the boxes downstairs is coax, one is wireless. Both that and the other one upstairs both work off that little access point box. One is working, one is rebooting over and over. The other box upstairs is coax I believe. It is not a wirless box. Of the 5 boxes, they are never all on at the same time by the way. 3 at a time mainly. 


I try both styles of resetting on the box downstairs. No different. 


Just another major issue with the worse equipment and service that I have ever had in my life. Why I haven't switched back to Comcast by now prob makes people wonder about me. Tomorrow's "tier 2" tech will be the 25th person to come out in 15-16 months. Other than this issue I have also had low and inconsistent download speeds since the day this stuff was installed. All ATT has done about that is waste time and make excuses. 


It has gotten to the point where ATT Uverse is affecting my life. I have to call them all the time and waste countless hours sitting around with a tech in my house trying to figure out why nothing works right. Taken so much time off of work as well. 4-5 times the tech hasn't showed up. Another 20 times they just leave with me still experiencing the problem when the leave. Which is a bad thing to do to a customer. 


At this point, I am just wondering if there is some support and advice that I can get to attempt to fix these problems on my own. The amount of time that I spend with ATT techs is ridiculous. Especially when I am paying a $200+ bill each month.


Last month I tried to order the GSP-Johnny Hendricks UFC fight and the fight didn't come on. It was just a black screen. I recorded it for 30 minutes before I left to go to Buffalo Wild Wings to actually watch the fights. I called that Saturday night and the office I needed to talk to was closed. So I called Monday and was told that I had to wait to see if it actually showed up on my bill. When it did, I called back and they said that I watched the fight and they weren't taking it off my bill. How low-down is that. I have proof that I didn't watch it. 


And the bad thing is that I order every UFC pay per view. This issue has happened 3 times out of about 20. So it's not like I am trying to get over on them. I want to know why the stuff keeps on happenening often rather that get a refund. This company is really starting to show me that Comcast isn't that bad. 

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Re: 3 of my 5 Uverse boxes are just rebooting over and over, internet also not working in those room

I can understand why you patience is running thin.  I would recommend that you send a Private Message to the ATTU-verseCare Community Specialist team.  One of the specialists will respond to your PM shortly.  Please look for the flashing envelope at the top right of the page for your response from a team member.


One of the team members will take ownership of your issue/issues and see it thru to a satisfactory conclusion.

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Re: 3 of my 5 Uverse boxes are just rebooting over and over, internet also not working in those room

Hi whouse85,


We have received your message and look forward to working with you to get this issue resolved.


-David T


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