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2Wire connectivity to Mac ios and io7


2Wire connectivity to Mac ios and io7

This is a recent problem, and is contained to the Apple products I have.....


While connected to the wireless network, I have issues on my ipad, iphone, and Mac opening web pages.  I will randomly receive the "Safari can't find the server' message.  When the problem occurs, I can see no evidence of the actual wifi signal diminishing.  The problem also occurs at all points throughout my house, so I'm convinced its not a signal strength issue. Another telltale is that sometimes the pages load, but in text only format.  I also have two PC's in the house, one running Windows 7 and one XP, with no such issues.


The problem only started recently, as in the past couple of days.  The problem did NOT coincide with the recent ios updates.  I have reset the router, reset the wireless networks on all the devices, and ensured that all the devices MAC or wireless addresses are present in the router configurations.  This issue is driving me nuts, as I may as well turn my mobile devices back to 3G as it is more reliable.


Any input will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: 2Wire connectivity to Mac ios and io7

Depending upon which UVerse router you have, you may be experiencing DNS issues.  I know that I was having DNS issues until I went to my MacBook Pro and statically configured DNS servers to use while at home.  Ever since doing that, I don't seem to have any problems connecting to web sites.


I don't tend to see that problem on my iOS devices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch), but I also don't tend to surf the web on those devices when I am at home, I tend to use my Mac for that.  Similarly to configuring DNS on your Mac, you can manually configure DNS for your iPS devices as well.  I would try using Google, Level 3, or Open DNS servers for your DNS Server settings and see if that helps you.

Jerry B.


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