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2WIRE wireless problem.


2WIRE wireless problem.

I have an 2WIRE router with Internet Wireless but the wireless has stopped working. Any suggestion for my problem? I really need it get fix soon. Thanks

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Re: 2WIRE wireless problem.

Go to to see if it is enabled. Also make sure that you are connecting to the correct SSID of the gateway, and using the correct Passphrase.

If all else fails, you can contact Technical Support at 800-288-2020 If they determine that the RG has gone bad, they will send out a new one, or have a Tech come on site to replace.
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Re: 2WIRE wireless problem.

When my 2wire routers wireless would stop working, I would go in to the router settings, disable the wifi then turn it back on. Not a solution  but a temporary fix. My permanat solution was to diable the 2Wire wirelessi all together and add my own wifi router to the network.


Be sure to Save the settings after diasabling and re- enabling the "Wireless Access Point"

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Re: 2WIRE wireless problem.

m is a peice of crap to put it bluntly. I just found out last night after being on my 7th call to ATT that the 2 wire system was discontinued back in mid 2011. yet you sent me out one and we have been sugffering with bad service ever since. Now I have been on the phone all morning long with retention telling me I must PAY to upgrade my horrible modem I have put up with for the past2 plus years. On top of this, there is no guarantee the new moden will be any better because some rocket scientist in ATT's executive offices decided to bypass my area for upgraded srvice and we must put up with your slow 1.5 M DSL inmdefinately.


I am FURIOUS at your greed. As must as I hate COMCAST you are going to force me to go to them and drop you forever. From what I see on your forums on TT's own web site, I am not the only person with these same issues over your decision to send out faulty 2 wire defective systems. Someone there needs to wake up because I will also be joining the thousands of ex-customers on line publicizing what you do to your customers.

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Re: 2WIRE wireless problem.

Forgive me if my math is wrong, but taking your information (and assuming that it is correct), if the modem was discontinued in 2011, but you got it "2+ years" ago... wouldn't that mean that you got it about the time, maybe even before, it was discontinued?


And just because something is discontinued doesn't necessarily mean anything was wrong with it; things are discontinued for newer models all the time.  And stores still sell and distribute discontinued models untit their stock is gone.


I don't know anything about where you live and whether or not AT&T has decided to not deploy U-verse to your neighborhood.  They have stated their intention to bring LTE based service to those who couldn't be practically served by high speed wired.





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