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2WIRE 3801HGV and Netgear R6300: can they be linked?


2WIRE 3801HGV and Netgear R6300: can they be linked?

I am using an AT&T U-Verse gateway 2WIRE model 3801HGV.  I was disappointed with the range the 2WIRE provided so I added a Netgear R6300 router.  The NetGear router installation went well and the increased range is what I wanted. 


AT&T has an iPad U-Verse app that I use a lot.  The app lets you view the TV schedule, schedule recording, etc.  Also you can use the app as the TV's remote control.


Since adding the Netgear I can no longer use the iPad app as the TV's remote control, if the iPad is using the Netgear wifi.  I can however still view programs and schedule recordings.  The app tells me my iPad must be on the 2WIRE to connect as a remote control.  If I switch the iPad wifi setting back to the 2WIRE wifi, all of the apps features work as advertised. 


Since the new router provides far superior wifi range and speed, I prefer it as my default wifi setting.


My question is:  Is there a way to configure the two wifi networks to work together so that if my iPad is on the Netgear router, the U-Verse app will be fully functional as if the iPad was on the 2WIRE wifi?





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Re: 2WIRE 3801HGV and Netgear R6300: can they be linked?

I don't know if this'll work, but have you tried the Netgear while it was placed into access point mode? If that doesn't work, you'll have to swap back and forth between each. I suggest you put your Netgear on wireless channel 6 and your 2wire on channel 1 or 11 if that ends up being the chase. That way, you won't be interfering your own networks if you have to keep both up.

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