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26 Days since first phone call, still no appointment!


26 Days since first phone call, still no appointment!

I have already contacted ATT Customer Care with this information but I wanted to share this experience here for other to see.

I recently moved into a new apartment and having been an AT&T Uverse customer in the past and having a good experience we wanted to go with your product again.

February 6th - I went to your online site to check if service was available at my new address.  I was able to find the apartment address by it listed only 4 units, none of which were mine.  That evening I contacted the online support who told me I would have to call to have my address investigated and added to the site.  I called and gave the representative my information.  They told me they would open a case and I would be contacted in 7 to 10 days.

February 13th - 7 days later I called again to check on the status.  The representative told me my information had been entered but no case had been opened.  This was disappointing to me, I work in computer services for a fortune 350 company and making a promise to a customer and then taking no action is absolutely unacceptable for a customer services representative.  So 1 week into this process again I was promised a case would be opened and my address would be investigated.  This time shortly after I ended the phone call I received an email confirming that a case was opened, and my address was being investigated.

February 19th - 6 days after my last contact I decided to check if my address was in the system, not expecting to be contacted anymore as this is how your company seems to operate.  To my surprise my full address was now listed as having Uverse available.  So I proceeded to place my order.  Only about 2 hours after having scheduled an installation appointment I received a phone call letting me know my appointment postponed indefinitely until a "facilities issue" could be resolved.  I was told there was no ETA and to wait for a phone call to have my installation rescheduled.

February 24th - 5 days after my last contact I decided again to check on the status of my order via phone call.  At this point I have no expectation at all of what a "facilities issue" is and would like to know how long I will need to wait. On this phone call, the representative places me on hold twice and after several minutes lets me know there is a facilities issue.  Which of course I already know.  After some prompting they let me know they will contact the engineering department to find out what the problem is.  After another 10 minutes or so I am informed a line must be run to the building and the estimated date is March 6th.  The representative says they are assigning a specialist to me who will contact me within 48 hours to keep me updated on the situation.

February 25th - 12 days after placing the request for address validation I received an email telling me the verification was complete and my address had Uverse available and that I could log in to place my order.  This of course was not relevant anymore, but I wanted to include it as your SLA (service level agreement) was 7-10 days and this communication missed its mark by 2 days!

March 4th - 8 days after my last phone call I have still not been contacted by any specialist (I was told within 48 hours) so I place another phone call to check on the status of my order.  This time the representative again tells me there is a facilities issue.  Again they tell me they will contact the engineering department to check on this.  After being placed on hold repeatedly for about a 30 minute period the representative tells me they continue to be put on hold waiting to contact the engineering department and they suggest I wait for them to call me back with information. At this point the phone call ends, and I am obviously not expecting to receive phone call letting me know the status of my order, because judging by my past experience your representatives do not follow through with what they say on the phone.

That was this evening and so I am now just about done with this joke.  It has been 26 days since I first contacted your company attempting to subscribe to your service.  This is not customer service, and if I didn't hate the alternative cable company as much as I do I wouldn't put up with this.  I am a brand new customer standing at the counter with money in my hand and this is how I am treated?  Are you kidding?!?

This is unbelievable!

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Re: 26 Days since first phone call, still no appointment!

Hi AndrewLambrecht,


I am so sorry about the issues you were having getting the U-verse services. I see that you have been working with our ATTCustomerCare group on this issue, and I am glad they were able to help get this resolved for you. We are glad to have you as an AT&T customer and if you have any issues, we are always glad to help.


-David t

If you encounter any issues with your service or equipment, I recommend checking out our Troubleshoot & Resolve solutions to help diagnose the issue.
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Re: 26 Days since first phone call, still no appointment!

David, dis you read Andrew's entire post? AT&T is not working with anyone! You guys are marketing a BROKEN service and instead of placing UVERSE on hold until ALL of the bugs are worked out you continue to loose loyal customers to GREED! It's disgusting! Our wait has been 32 days! And just before the installation date, I receive them same call Andrew received informing us that there are facilities issues...I am at a lost for words that AT&T is allowed to get away with jerking their customers around the way they have been!
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Re: 26 Days since first phone call, still no appointment!

I'm sure he read the entire post, but he, unlike you, can see if the customer sent a private message to ATTCustomerCare group. It's most likely that the original poster never came back to update the thread that the issue was resolved. As far as you're concerned, how is it exactly that the service is broken? U-Verse has been around quite awhile and while it may still have some bugs (nothing is perfect), it is a very good and reliable service. I'll grant you that the term 'Factilities Issue' is a vague term, it is used when there are issues such as lines on the outside that need to be repaired, or there aren't enough ports open. When this happens, one of our outside technicians gets assigned to the work order and this can push the date out. Normally it's two weeks, but depending on big the issue is, can take longer. Also, this is something that is very much unforseen when placing an order and is more of an exception than the rule.

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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