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2014 repair service Chicago


2014 repair service Chicago

On day two of waiting for repair to come. So far not impressed with customer service of AT&T. The tech person coming to my home yesterday called, said he was coming, then decided no, can't do it. Did not call me back. I had to call to find out where he was, then reschedule. You'd think that I would be first on the list today, nope! Just back in the queve. Now one hour into the appointment time of noon - 4:00 pm and still no word. Expecting the same as yesterday, no show. The reps I talk to at AT&T cannot tell me anything other than an appointment is scheduled, but it's up to the tech if he/she wants to show up. No accountability! My U-verse contract is up in a couple months. They will really have to make it worth my while to stay after this! If they don't care about my business another company will care.

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Re: 2014 repair service Chicago

Tamsam3, I am sorry to hear about the issues you are having. If the tech doesn't show up today, click on the link in my sig for AT&T Customer Care and send them a PM. They are an escalation team that can get you help you desire. Send them your info and your concern and they will get in touch with you. Watch the blue envelope at the top of the forum page for message notification. Because they will reply to you initially via PM as well.
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