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$100 VISA Rebate Promise


$100 VISA Rebate Promise

I was told I would get $100.00 rebate in 30 Days if I purchased equipment required for U-Verse DSL. I Called today & they confirmed it was noted on my account that I would get the rebate, but they weren't authorized to give it to me. I could have a it as a credit on my service. I don't want to loan AT&T 5 months of service, I want my rebate. If I can't have my rebate, I want to return the equipment & be given a refund.


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Re: $100 VISA Rebate Promise

Someone promised you something they weren't allowed to, and the AT&T rep did their best to make it right (i.e. give the equivalent amount as a bill credit) and you're upset?

If you've had the equipment less than 30 you are able to return it.
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Re: $100 VISA Rebate Promise

Since this is account specific I would recommend that you send a private message to the escalation team at ATT Customer Care and someone will get in touch with you. Their normal business hours are from 7am to 10pm Central Time. Please take into account weekends when contacting them.  


To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope. List Private Messages




If after two business days you have not gotten a response, Send a PM to Alex. He or someone from his team will get in touch with you. Again keep in mind weekends.




To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope. List Private Messages


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visa gift card

Was anyone promised a visa gift card when they signed up for new service at the at&t store?
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Re: visa gift card JUNK!

Yeah, I went through the whole friggin process to get a measly $50 and took a client out to lunch today and wouldn't you know it...the thing was declined..they waitress tried two transactions to see if they could get any amount to work...NOTHING...and I got 3 months to use this piece of crap?

I've wasted valuable time and rep trying to use this thing..


Just like all the other UVERSE junk...they can't do anything right.

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Re: $100 VISA Rebate Promise

Yes we got the $100.00 Visa Card but the Modeum was $100.00 so do you really win. Your just giving it right back to them because modeums use to be Free when you signed up for specific services many years ago. 


We have had this for over a month, had to wait for visa card so I could pay my bill, can't get onto the AT&T internet even with the help of techinicians trying on their end to log into my account and they were supposed to send a tech out at 8PM last evening. We even received a confirmation of the tech's appointment and they were a No Show. Now, they re-scheduled it for 8PM 7 days later. That means I can't check my yahoo account affilaited with the AT&T for another week. TOTALLY UNACCCEPTABLE! I use to work for AT&T years ago and never EVER was this an okay event. NEVER! 


Oh and when I had DSL problems a few years ago this happened with a No Show and 4 days later I got a call from them minutes before they were going to come to re-install the DSL. I told the tech someone was supposed to be here 4 days ago and his reply was "DO YOU WANT ME TO COME OUT OR NOT!!!" I was floored, no appology, No excuses just blatent rudeness. I made sure someone else was here with me when they came out so that there would not be any issues. They did not have an AT&T logo on their truck either so who was AT&T having do their work for them? Surely not a True AT&T employee but most likely an independent contractor hired by AT&T. 

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Re: $100 VISA Rebate Promise

The same thing happened to me. They sente a rewards card for $100.00 and never told me I was supposed to use it to pay the bill. I thought it was a gift for all of the abuse I had to endure with their over billing and broken promises about how much my bill would be every month.

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