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$100 Modem Charge

$100 Modem Charge

I have had/still have a very similar issue with an AT&T modem charge.  It is so unbelievable in scope and the poorest excuse for customer service I have ever, and I mean ever been though (that’s saying something because yes I’m over 40!)  I have been a U-Verse internet customer for a few years with no issues other then being arbitrarily downgraded in my service while still paying the same, however that is a rant for a different time.  I had a modem go bad last year, in Nov. 2013.  I went though the process, after numerous phone calls and Reps that obviously did not care or did not know, I finally got someone at AT&T to send me a label, which I dutifully placed on a box and sent the bum modem back after I had received the new one.  Case closed, or so I thought.  Fast forward to Feb 2014 and I am having to dispute the $100 AT&T is charging me for a modem they have!  When I sent the bad modem back I made a copy of the label and tracked it, it showed delivered so foolish customer that I am, I thought I had done my part.  I have had more than one CSR Supervisor tell me, its ok, don’t pay the $100, they have given me credits, no change, I am still being charged the $100.  In my case, I have physical proof, I have screen shot of where the modem was delivered, I have provided AT&T the tracking number and repeated my story to AT&T so many times I will leave AT&T at the first opportunity.  Each time the Reps assure me it will be resolved, no follow up, nothing.  Each month the account goes further past due, and I have continued to pay what I owe each month, I am just not paying for a modem I do not have. 

The absolute worst part is being assured by this company it will be resolved and it never is, I have been a at&t wireless customer for years and now, after this, even though I have had no issues with wireless service, I am ready to ditch my family plan because it pains me to pay this company ANY of my hard earned money.  I want to spread the word far a wide how horrible my experience with at&t has been and fire them forever!  It is inexcusable to keep charging me when I have proof I did what you asked.  I do not fault the Reps I talk with, this idiocy is from above their heads, rooted in some at&t bureaucratic back room where customers are just a number.  I have always heard the horror stories about at&t but I always thought, well that is just a fraction of theier customers, wow, I was wrong.      

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ACE - Expert

Re: $100 Modem Charge

Please click this AT&T logoCustomer Service link to send a Private Message (PM) to the AT&T customer service team to help you resolve your issue. You can expect a reply via return PM (the blue envelope envelopein the upper right hand corner of this site) in a business day or three.


One thing I don't understand:  If you've been an internet-only customer "for a few years", I assume that you purchased your RG and it came with a 1 year warranty, which I assume expired before November, 2013.  Thus, in your situation, I would expect no return credit for the old, out of warranty, RG.


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Re: $100 Modem Charge

If it were the case, that it was an out of warranty item and now they are just going to charge me for the modem, WHY has no CSR disclosed this or told me?  Wouldn’t that be one of the first things they would check? 


Even more reason that will get rid of at&t, if I owe the $100, fine, I will pay it and discontinue all my services with at&t, this whole ordeal has left a very bad taste with me.  At&t assured me all over the place last year I would not be responsible for the modem, they would just replace it and in fact it seems that I remember talking to a CSR in tech support that told me that very thing, the modem I sent back was in warranty until Feb or so of this year, and that I was lucky in that regard, that it went bad when it did.  But what do I have to do with at&t,. Record every call and take copious notes and act as though I am prepping for a legal proceeding with them?  It is still the most ridiculous thing I have ever had to go through with a company I do business with, absurd.    

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Re: $106 Modem Charge

Excellent point though about the warranty issue, amazing after SO many calls to at&t CSR’S and not one brought it up, but it jarred my memory and so to my best recollection, the modem was still under warranty. 

Even so, shouldn’t at&t have access to that info, warranty date and info?  At&t’s major problem is, they should have stuck to the wireless niche, they have tried to compete in a space they just don’t belong in, stick to cell phones at&t.      


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Re: $100 Modem Charge

I have called at&t so many times about this issue, now I am loathe to have to explain myself yet again, for something at&t should have a handle on but they don’t, so can you please tell me how contacting CSR through the links here will be any different than all the wasted phone calls and wasted time on something that is in no way my fault, yet I have to clean it up?  It just smacks of the burden being on the customer and in this case I have done everything right and at&t is still trying to collect from me???      

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Re: $100 Modem Charge

Hello, MisterRoboto1!


Thanks for posting. The link that JefferMC provided will allow you to send a private message to our very own Customer Care team.


This team is not the same department you worked with over the phone; they are dedicated to handling escalations from the forums, and they will work very hard to resolve your issue. If you choose to send us a message, please keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen for a response.


In the meantime, I apologize for the frustration and inconvenience.



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Re: $100 Modem Charge

I did send my info through the link, so I will keep my fingers crossed.  Again, I have never faulted the people that answer the phone when I call at&t, because I know these issues are rooted somewhere at a corporate level, CSR’s just have a tough job I think. 


I never come to these forums however after a few mins here all I can say is wow, is at&t mgmt even aware of thier issues?  Or are they just playing a numbers game, if you have x # of customers who get reeled in by time limited, low price deals, then the first issue they have with the service turns into a nightmare, they will just be replaced with another new one who just got reeled in, so a revolving door of customers.  Here is a clue for at&t mgmt, there is an end to the revolving door as you eventually run out of customers or, word of mouth gets you.  Honestly, it really does not appear as though at&t is concerned at all with word of mouth, try this:  treat customers with some respect, follow up and follow through and get it right the first time.  These must be foreign concepts at at&t. 


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Re: $100 Modem Charge

After months of hassle and zero help from AT&T reps who I called, I am marking this as solved however it is not so much that it got solved, it is just the ridiculous, out of proportion effort it took to do it.  So the AT&T CSR’s who work behind the scenes in this forum rectified the issue immediately, and the overriding question remains of why it took so many phone calls, so much time wasted, for a rep to look at this and figure it out. 


Here is the final analysis:  I sent the bad modem back to AT&T last year, it is traceable after it left my hands but for whatever reason AT&T never got it, however it is well documented in my case where I sent it back, once it left my hands it was over, or should have been but it wasn’t, AT&T was not to be satisfied until I would blindly pay for a modem I did not have and in fact followed their instructions to mail back.  Getting someone at AT&T to even see that, that took effort well out of range from what it should have taken. 


For any other unfortunate in a similar situation as this one, I would advise to make copies of all you do, document with notes every step and hold them to what they promise and if you have done your part there shouldn’t be an issue.  In my case, I am leaving AT&T post haste.

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Re: $100 Modem Charge

If you do not mark it as resolved they will. I had a very nice call from a gentleman from the President od AT&T's office, but still the reps cannot do anything. It is sad what Southwestern Ball has become since they bought AT&T.


And copies do not help. 



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Re: $100 Modem Charge

I am now finally rid of AT&T Uverse and the truth is it is great!  I went to Comcast Xfinity and for just under $10 more than I was paying AT&T I get twice the speed and no bait and switch, no plan expires then the price goes up.  The pathetic part (and there are many with my AT&T experience) is that I just read somewhere, where AT&T are phasing out certain modems and coming to rely on the one that went bad on me, the NVG whatever it was. 


Really, that modem was horrible, the landing page gives your password in plain text for ANYBODY with a laptop and a little info to see, at least I can lock down the Comcast modem from most prying eyes.  Junk, AT&T modem, their customer service, just a joke really however it is not so funny when it costs you money and time like it did me.  I wish it were different and AT&T had something to offer as competition in the ISP space but from my experience, they loose hands down.  And I do believe some people at AT&T really try and believe in their brand but I have some serious and well founded doubts about AT&T and their long term vision, I’m sure the ‘stuffed shirts’ at AT&T have some corporate bull hockey they spout as a business plan but for me, the service was horrible. 


Even though I have never had issue with AT&T cell service, if I were not locked into a contract with them on a family plan I would ditch those phones in a second because I just do not like giving this company my money.  Any company that is so blasé about their customers concerns does not deserve to have me pay them every month for their poor attitude and hideous customer service.  When my cell contracts are up, you better believe I will be shopping around.    

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