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wireless repeater with UVerse


wireless repeater with UVerse



I have a spare Netgear wireless router, which can be used as a repeater. Can I use this with ATT UVerse? What are the basic steps? I have tried to set it in repeater mode from the firmware settings page (website pointing to the router address), setting the SSID, channel and encryption type to match the UVerse RG.


Yet it does not work.


There is small difference in the wireless AP's MAC (ends in 11) and the RG's MAC (ends in 10). I got the wireless AP's MAC from the page. I got the RG's MAC from the sticker on the RG.


Does it matter which one I use?


If it does help,  I am trying to set up a TV to work off a wireless STB. I did the search function and found that people have managed it, but it just does not work for me? Does it work with Netgear? They seemed to have gone out and purchased a repeater box.




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Re: wireless repeater with UVerse

Wireless STB?
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Re: wireless repeater with UVerse

My TV is going to go where there is no outlet in the wall. Seems from the discussions in the threads, that since the STB can be powered by the "network" input, all I need to do are


1. Set up a wireless repeater where I want the TV

2. Connect the STB to the repeater via the network port and finally,

3. Connect the TV to the STB


I refer to this as the wireless STB. :-)



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Re: wireless repeater with UVerse









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Re: wireless repeater with UVerse

I needed to get my Xbox360 on my wireless net, so I loaded DD-WRT v23, on an old belkin router.


Mine is setup as a Client Bridge, which uses the same SSID as my Uverse Gateway.  All you have to do is select the gateway as a Wireless Node.  You do not have to type in anything. The FAQ on the site tells you exactly how to set it up.


I never had any luck getting an OEM Linksys or Netgear router to work.  The Linksys is specifically programmed not to work, but not sure of the Netgear programming.   The DD-WRT website has a list of routers that you can reprogram with the free software.  This same unit worked with Comcast boxes also.

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