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service problems

During warm weather I have a problem with intermittant service, where the modem fails to synch up for up to an hour several times a day.  During the last year I have had more than 20 ATT service calls to my house.  In spite of their lack of personal consideration (never within the service window, incompetent, etc.) the problem has never been fixed.  I have recently been told that nothing can be done since the problem is with faulty grounding in my house.  This is a good excuse since grounding problems cannot be detected and cannot be fixed.  When I explained that several crews here when the problem was experienced disconnected the feed line from my house and detected a problem on their battery-powered test units, the grounding problem was no longer discussed.  There is an ATT feed about 700 feet from my house that a number of ATT experts suspected was the problem.  When I asked if the card feeding my house was changed, I was told they checked the card twice and found no problems with it.  I know electronics and explained that for intermittant problems when it is working, everything is working, including the intermittant problem source.  I was then told that they would send a truck to sit in my driveway until I had a problem at which time they would troubleshoot it.  I asked why they would not take 15 minutes to replace the suspect card but they would have a truck sitting for unknown hours in my driveway waiting for a problem that may last for minutes.  I could hear them shrug on the phone.  I am currently not seeing the problem since the weather has turned cool, which must have fixed my house grounding.  FYI, ATT has no place to lodge complaints with the company.  I have tried.

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Re: Service problems

I posted your images for you.  Your not posting them, yourself seems to indicate that you are content with your service and not really trying to get help.  Unfortunately your experiences are FAR different than most.  Of 7 or so techs for upgrades or repairs, I have had one that i did not like but he eventually got the job done. - image cut off

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