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how does at&t honestly compare in speed and reliability with timewarner? im thinking of switching over to at&t only if i can get the same speed im getting from roadrunner. The channel packages at&t offers look good from what ive seen! do any of these offer deals come with a telephone service? ive got all in one timewarner for 129 a month never had a problem but I still wouldn't mind saving some money if possible

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Re: roadrunner

I live just north of Dallas, TX. I had Comcast and really had no problems until they switched over to TW Roadrunner. While it worked most of the time, I had lots of outages (usually temporary) compared to the old comcast. Also, had lots of problems using Vonage - had lots of cutouts especially in the late afternoon when people got home from work. In addition, my wife uses faxing over vonage and we had lots of trouble with that, worked sometimes with TW and sometimes it did not. Never had a problem when we were on Comcast. I also have a VOIP phone I use for work and it had lots of cutouts at various times of day with TW.


Now the good news. About a month ago we switched to the max plan (10Mb) with Uverse. I use only internet with Uverse, no TV. It is excellent. With the various test sites I get between 7Mb and 9.8Mb speeds and close to 1.5Mb upload. If I run the detailed test for VOIP ( (http://www.voipreview.org/voipspeedtester.aspx ) which tests more than just raw speed, I always get great results. As for my Vonage, I have absolutely no problems anymore and even the faxing works perfect every single time. My VOIP phone for work is fantastic too. My wife was very reluctant to change, but now she loves the new service....it just flat works. Some complain they dont get full 10Mbps download, but of course that always depends on the site. If I had to rank Uverse internet on a scale of 1-10 I would give it a 9 (I have friends with Fios and knowing how good it is, I just cannot give uverse a 10). As for TW Roadrunner, I would give it about a 5 out of 10.


Hope this helps. Again, keep in mind I have only Uverse internet. I have no idea if running HD TV streams would affect my service or not.



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Re: roadrunner

And TWC wondered why I would never sign up for RR.  I'd never have internet access if I did, the outages were so often. :smileyindifferent:
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Re: roadrunner

After about a week of mediocre speeds and escalated trouble tickets, AT&T fixed something and now my Max speeds operate consistently like they should.  :smileyvery-happy:


Much, much better.


-- Rob

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Re: roadrunner

Did they find out what the problem was?
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