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"Client Initialization" error - Stuck on Orange screen!


"Client Initialization" error - Stuck on Orange screen!

I had to restart my U-verse TV receiver. It would not get past the orange AT&T Uverse screen. After about a half hour the screen said "Client Initialization Error"


I believe I know what causes the problem. The receiver is trying to contact a server on the internet and is not able to.


For me it was because the Gateway had thought it detected a security problem and was redirecting internet request to "". Once I resolved this, I restarted the U-verse TV receiver and it worked correctly. Another person in the forums had a "Router Behind Router" warning page that caused the same problem.


Other things to check:

It is OK to try restarting the Gateway, but do NOT push the red button on back of the Gateway until you have tried everything else and are speaking with Tech support. 


1. Is your Gateway/Router working (can you use your U-verse phone and internet?)

2. Is the receiver  properly connected to the Gateway? One at a time, disconnect and reconnect each cable. If it is connected to the Gateway with coax cable (round cable, round screw in plugs) make sure the HPNA light is green on the Gateway.

3. Try getting on the internet with every computer or wireless device you have connected to your home network. My main computer was getting on the net fine, but my iPhone was redirected to the error page. If you get a warning page, clear it and make sure you can get to the internet.


 Your main goal is that your receiver can get onto the internet so it can initialize and get past the orange screen. Good luck.

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Re: "Client Initialization" error - Stuck on Orange screen!

I had a similar problem last week. After crawling into my crawl space, I discovered a mouse chewed through the Ethernet cable.
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Re: "Client Initialization" error - Stuck on Orange screen!

I had the same problem a few weeks ago.


I tried rebooting, reformatting, etc. etc. 


Tech came and replace the splitter in the attic from which all the STB's were routed. He said it was bad. Everything was fine after that...

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