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ps3 media server UPnP not available


ps3 media server UPnP not available

My ps3 connects to the internet fine both wireless and hard wire, but it will not find media on my pc.


On the ps3 I have the media server enabled as well as UPnP

On the pc I have windows media player 11 and have share my media checked, but it does not see the ps3 either.


I tried looking around on the 2wire gateway site for anything that show something to do with UPnP but can't find anything.


I assume the ps3 not finding the UPnP from the gateway is the issue. Is there a way around this. I also tried manually entering ip address, subnet mask, router, dns...but the ps3 nor the pc can see the other.


Any advice? Thanks

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Re: ps3 media server UPnP not available

Are either set as the DMZ?  The firewall has nothing to do with LAN to LAN traffic.
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Re: ps3 media server UPnP not available

I tried the windows media server too, but found it didnt work as well as hoped. I found this software that doesnt have the same video file restrictions as media player and will also play youtube videos from the internet.

(its free)


As for connection problems, disable your PC's firewall and see if it works. I never had to mess with the RG's settigns to get any server with PS3 to work. Also, verify you have the latest PS3 updates. 

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Re: ps3 media server UPnP not available

Thanks for the quick responses.


Koolkid, looking through my router page the DMZplus is uncheck. Firewall settings are set to MAX and I have turned my computers firewall OFF. I have not checked the ps3, but don't remember a DMZ setting anywhere. Under the Individual Aplication list for Firewall Pinholes I do not see the ps3 as an option.


olatheks, firewall on my pc is off and my ps3 is up to date.


What seems wierd to me is that I CAN connect to the internet, but my pc WMP does not see the ps3. I saw something about Tversity on the web yesterday while searching for info regarding my problem. Should I give that a try? But if WMP can't even see the ps3 how will the Tversity? I initially though it was because my pc does not have a wireless card, buy a friend of mine hooked up his system same configuation as mine, pc wired to router (his is verizon) w/wireless card off, ps3 wireless to router and his still works. Like I said, I even tried connecting the ps3 hard wired to the STB-no help. 


Any other ideas?


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Re: ps3 media server UPnP not available

have you tried rebooting your pc? (it's step one for most tech support solutions), also, have you set up your pc for a local network?


Try tversity, it's head and shoulders better than media player. If you have $30 try playon (, this gives you hulu and netflix access. 

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Re: ps3 media server UPnP not available



I am able to connect to the ps3 and WMP through my laptop, but still not my pc. So, I downloaded tversity to the pc and that is working. I think I will stick with that since it seems to have greater functionality. Now I just need to learn how to use it.


Thanks for all the help 

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