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plug link download speeds


plug link download speeds

I recently hooked up to uverse, with the 18 mb (down) internet package.


unfortunately, i'm only getting 2.5 down, 1.5 up....consistently.


i just had the tech come out today and swap out gate ways...still same performace (speed test are off of, and are consistent across multiple targets).


i am wondering if the likely culprit is the pluglink 9650 ethernet adapter the original tech used to connect my home office computer (downstairs) to the gateway (upstairs...~20 feet away in straight linear distance).


has anyone had any experience with this type of problem? not looking forward to fishing cable through the wall to get see if that is actually the problem.

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ACE - Expert

Re: plug link download speeds

The Plug Link user guide implies that you can get better performance than you indicate over the Plug Link connection.  However, with multiple unknowns, it's hard to tell which is the factor.  It would be good if you could temporarily move your computer nearer to the RG and test what speed you get there.


The Plug link user guide also describes some sort of utility that allows you to measure the bandwidth utilization of that plug link connection.  This may or may not be useful to you.

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Re: plug link download speeds

I looked up the Pluglink 9650 on-line.  It is supposed to support speeds up to 85Mbps.  It is possible one (or both) could be bad.  I have a 100 foot Cat5 cable that I use for troubleshooting.  I just plug it in and run it across the floor, downstairs, whatever, and plug it in to the PC that is giving trouble.  If the problem goes away then I know for sure the problem is between the RG and PC.  Be sure and let ATT know you're not getting the speed you're paying for.  No sense paying for something you're not getting.  Also, get Tech Support on the phone again (ask for a Tier 2) and tell them its not working.  How is the TV picture or did you just get internet?

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Re: plug link download speeds



tv and phone work fine.


picking up a long cable wouldnt be a bad idea - i'll have to do it anyway if i end up having to fish it up through the wall to get a direct plug in connection.

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